MMHPR New Kit Soon! (not the pre-glassed one...)

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May 10, 2011
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While TRF was down, I was using rsim, and thinking about making more kits... A website with ONE KIT for sale wouldent be all that impressive, would it?:eek:

Well, heres something more... It looks really cool IMHO... Kevlar shock cord, 22" nylon chute, Estes (or maybe Fliskits, depending on whether or not I can buy the neccesary parts in bulk... It would be nice to get the parts from Fliskits...:) ) tubes and transition, and a 24MM motor mount.

The nose cone is an Estes "Big Bertha" style cone, followed by a bit of BT60, with a transition down to a BT55. It has oversize fins with BT20s as standoffs for the fins. There are also more BT20s on the tips of the fins...

I guess ill just let the pics speak for themselves!:D
Oh, and the other kit is coming along nicely too...

Heres a closeup of the fincan section!:)
Heres the rear-view...

Do you think I should cut out the fins, or leave that for the maker of the model? I think it should be left to the modeler... Kinda like Fliskits:)
And here it is from the nose...

I must say the paint came out very well on this model....:)
Oh Yeah! I like it a lot! I would buy one!

Didya design it all by yourself, Neil?

:D :D :D

Yeah, actually I did... I took one look at that Fliskits "D Nelson Tomahawk", and decided I wanted to make something like that for personal use. Then it grew another fin, 4 more tubes, different shaped fins, different sized body tubes, and eventually into something that I said "hey, I could make a few bucks selling this sucker!".:D

What do you think I should charge for it? Im not very good at pricing things...

$20?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I dont know... Its going to have a nylon chute, Kevlar shock cord ETC. I like the really nice components, and I think other people do too.

What do you think a fair price would be for a kit like this?:confused:
Its ready to fly now, and if teh launch on the 22d is go, I will fly it then on a D12-3, if I still have one...

Or at least up in Cherryfield this memorial day...:cool:

It would be nice to get the opinions of CMASS members, though...:)
I already have a 2X (semi) upscale in the planning phase...:D ;)

LOC 3" upper tube, 2.56" lower tube, 1.5" side pods and fins....:D

That proabably wont be kitted, though, for a long time, if at all.

But if your kits are being upscaled, THAT is something to be proud of....:D ;) Jim Flisk knows ALLLLLL about that one....:D ;) Just look in any Sport Rocketry...;) ;)