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Jan 19, 2009
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Ok during my latest paper rocket phase I found a paper version of the old missile command video game missile and decided to turn it into flying model. I have to say that this was one that has been on my mind for a while. I have 2 versions a one stage and a 2 stage hear is a teaser but I’ll post the rocksim file when I can upload them. The nose cone was the hardest to sim but came out decent. I plan on saving up and asking Sandman to make the cone for me. And then I will post a build thread. If it goes well I might kit her.

linkage to the paper model

Missle Command.jpg

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How's the stability look with those big forward fins?? Are you planning to downsize them to increase stability or add noseweight or a combination of the two??

Looks interesting... :)

Good luck! OL JR :)
fully stable when loaded. and sims well 2 staged
and the single stages cluser sims great
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Cool Charlaine!

Now you need to make a few of those and launch them all at the same time, like the game.
Charlene, it sorta looks like the aam-n-10 Eagle.


sandman it does look like that sorta.

scott no i wont cause i'm 50' away when i push the buttion nar safty :p:p