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Jan 30, 2009
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Making plans for next weekends Miss. Tour de Deuce event. Today I talked with our local community events director. We have a program called Eye On Kosciusko that airs 6-8 times per day on our local cable channel 2. I discussed with them the Miss. Tour de Deuce event. They were excited and will come and film the launch for broadcast. These shows air for about 2 weeks? each 6-8 times per day. We are planning to do a model rocketry segment around the Miss. TDD. My kids school may also take part in it; to promote our hobby for kids and adults. We also may try a drag race between an R/C plane and our E-powered Blurzz Rocket car just like the REAL ones do at air shows. If anyone has any suggestions on other things to do, I welcome your input. I hope we can pull this off! THIS COULD BE BIG!!!!:D :) :)
WOW! That's amazing! I hope that you can pull it off! :cool: :D :D

We're actually looking to making the final launch a big media event, and this might actually put this project in the limelight, maybe as a good "the early launches" clip in said national story!

Very cool! I hope to hear more about this soon!

very exciting, indeed :)

I would suggest that you invite everyone you know and, if they have a Deuce, bring it along!

It would be wonderful if the station that films it would be willing to make the video (or parts of it) available for the web. FlisKits would be more than willing to host it.

Hey Jim, of course anyone is welcome to come. There doesn't seem to be many rocket flyers around here, but this might help to promote that. The local hobby shop that started up last year is based around our 40 so member R/C club but I am trying to get some rocketry products started. The owner is going to help with this project and maybe get some publicity as to availability of rocketry products in our little town. Of course, Fliskits will be promoted with this launch. Let me know if you are ok with this. I have worked with our community director in the past with model railroading promotion and was selling railroading sets for a few years. When the program airs I will make video copies of it and you will certainly be getting one. I am a "newbie" when it comes to computers (this forum participation is a major step for me). But I think I can copy a video from the television!;) Thank you for your reply.

It's *more* than "OK", it's Great :)

I will make a point of getting a couple of catalogs out to you in today's shipment so that you can have some literature for the hobby shop and such!

Wow Bill! Outstanding initiative on your part. None of us (Jim, Jason, myself) really expected this kind of initiative from anyone. I'm sure most are just happy to be participating and so are we. But, seeing how you and others along the way will generate more interest, each of us now has a greater stake in this project. We are *all* an equal link in this chain of 50 states. I'm positive Jim appreciate your efforts to get the FlisKits name out there. I'm all about supporting a good product and an even better vendor.

Good luck with the Tour de Deuce flights. Let us know if you need help with anything before or after you've received them.

I am shipping the TDD Deuces out this AM via USPS priority mail to the address Eugene gave me. Good luck. You will have fun as we did.


And it's moving right along! Here we go again! I can't wait to see whatever media coverage comes out of this! :D :D :cool: :cool:


I sent you a couple of catalogs today. I would have sent more, but we're virtually out of the Fall 2003 and I don't want to print more as we're coming out with our Spring 04 catalog soon...

keep us posted!