Mission (Kinda) Accomplished ?

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Dec 28, 2003
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The Bullpup is done , apart from repairs Im not doing anymore ! Any faults, problems, queries or oversights (yer fins are upside down !) are welcome , but Im not playing anymore ! This is the FINAL FINAL part of the build over. THE END !

Its certainly been interesting and I think a wise buy this Bullpup. Im sure anything less complicated may have felt less challenging and anything more would have been disheartening.

Certainly had a few "oh god NOOOOO !" moments but I hope the rocket god is now happy and will grant me some fair weather launch windows ......

Nice shine on that finish:cool:
Aw, C'mon just one more coat. I dare ya!:D

Launch pix next!
Hang on mo ! Youre telling me that after lovingly putting this thing together you now want me to stick a few grams of "explosives" in its tail pipe and fire it 1000ft into the air !


Originally posted by PWALPOCO
Hang on mo ! Youre telling me that after lovingly putting this thing together you now want me to stick a few grams of "explosives" in its tail pipe and fire it 1000ft into the air !
Oh yes - the best is yet to come! :D

There isn't anything quite like seeing something that started life as a pile of empty bog rolls & balsa, which you then transformed, go balls-out towards the heavens!
(OK - Cocaine & Heroin maybe better, but they're for lightweights - they're not nearly as addictive as rockets!)

Watch me transform this Rocket into piles of bogroll and balsa wood if it all goes wrong .......

LOL ......

Launch pics will hopefully be possible ......

What is a bog roll??????? Is this some sort of British scatalogical term? I've never heard that one before.

Transoceanically yours,

Da Dog:confused:
they are toilet paper roll tubes I think. I learned that from watching Red Dwarf.
You got it Rob the cardboard centre from toilet rolls, need a lot of couplers though, also known as football streamers.

Looks great Paul, the decals have gone on really nicely :D

And just remember this: It ain't a rocket 'till it flies ;)

And it'll make a nice display peice when its not flying (if ya can get it back)

Now be patient and wait for some good weather to fly it in!

Hi again

Waited patiently for a good launch day and the Rocket Gods granted me a beautiful Sunday in order to do finally send the Pup into the heavens.

Oddly the 5-day forcast (by the BBC no less !) was predicting a wet cloudy Sunday with 10mph winds all week so it was somewhat of a surprise when I awoke to find a still cloudless warm sunny day like view out of the window.

Anyway , managed to convince my freind "Woody" who has yet to post here to bring his Missile Command RTF pair and his Fireflash as well. Ntrance (Alan) couldnt make it this time round sadly, his Code Red was much missed on the pad and his high flying X-fliers would have done well in the still conditions.

Im so glad Woody and Iwent though !! The good launches were very very good and tho we had some bad launches these didnt ruin the day. The Fireflash main body tube was our only loss of the day , although we are sure it came down very close to the launch pad , it had fallen behind a dune out of site and we failed to locate it. Woody wasnt that dissapointed though , he and the Fireflash never got on :rolleyes:

OK ok , the Bullpup. Right , although I havent got any "inflight" photos Im hoping that Woody will get stills off the videotape, perhaps we may get a link to an AVI file later :) Who knows.

I do have some pre-launch pics though , just to prove the pup made the trip to the pad.

I launched the pup twice in all. The first flight was straight up like an arrow , there was a dramatic pause before ejection happened and the nose then chute deployed. If the AVI is made youll prolly hear me go "Oh thank you !" as I see the Chute come out. Im sure the motor was using the Maximum delay plus maximum design tolerance , just to keep me on edge. Seeing that chute billow out has been one of the best things Ive seen ever !!

The second flight wasnt quite as good. The last third of the flight was a gentle arc but the ejection and chute deployment etc went perfectly. With both flights I didnt have to run very far ( which is good !) to do retreival. Ntrance will be annoyed as previously his retrieval trips have resembled marathons.

Anyway......to the pad piccie ....... hopefully an AVI link will be by soon. Comeon Woody !!

Congratulations on the successful launch of your beautiful bird.

People who don't build rockets have a hard time understanding the joy that comes from watching something you've labored over have a successful flight.

When the flight goes well it means you got all the functional bits right. When all the finishing bits are right too, it just makes it that much better.

Great job!
Hurray for the BullPup!:D Nice work. I'm glad it didn't crash. You work so hard on something and then subject it to the worst possible extremes. What a Rush!

Thats a nice looking launch field, but "Where are the trees?"
I can't wait for the movie:)
Oh woe !

Why is it when things seem to be going great you warn me of some new danger !! Rocket Eating TREES ?!!?!?

Well if its any consolation the "beautiful" scenery conceals some more boggy regions , small ponds and puddles. We chose the best area we could and didnt fall foul of the nasty stuff. Trust me though when I say its not as perfect as it would seem. At least it keeps other people away from the area.

Okeis , as promised some video material !

You may be better of RIGHT CLICK n SAVEing these rather than getting them from the site. God I hope this works.



Many thanks to Woody (AKA Mark) for capturing these for me. He needs some practice with zooming once the rocket reaches the ozone layer but Ive got no complaints otherwise. Thanks Woody !


PS , for info the Wind Speed was 0-2Mph. Motor Selection was C6-5 ..... well , when the days going so well you want to give it your all , dont you ?