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Jan 27, 2009
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Are the missile works switchs nice? Reliable? I am using 3 so I need them to be reliable.

I found them to be excellent for my altimeter bay. I am not sure anyone else has used six in one bay, but I did. ( I had redundant altimeters) The down side of so many switches besides cost is that you get alot of wire to deal with. Instead of being a straight shot from the altimeter to the charge you have to go from the altimeter to the switch then to the the charge. This ends up being quite a bundle of wires.
I have also found them to be very reliable, never having one of them go bad or turn off. A good product.

That makes three of us. I have 2 and they have worked very well.
I have a question for all these guys that have used this switch before. It says two pole so it should have 4 connectors, Right? So I can connect four wires? Is this correct.... it is basicly two switchs in one, right? So the two sides wont interfier with eachother???

Looks great and you guys are all saying it is wonderful!!!
Anybody have a picture of the inside of the rocket showing a missileworks switch mounted to the airframe? The angle needs to show the wireing!