Missileworks 29mm Smart Sled?


Oct 10, 2017
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I am just getting back into rocketry and I'm looking for an easy way to convert most of my rockets to electronic dual deployment. Specifically, I want to use an altimeter for primary deployment at apogee with a JLCR (Jolly Logic Chute Release) for the second event. Since the altimeter will only need to trigger a single event I am thinking of keeping it high in the stack, either in or immediately below the nose cone. Ideally I would like some kind of modular electronics bay that can be easily moved from rocket to rocket.

Researching this on the web I came across the Missileworks 29mm Smart Sled which looks like it might be workable but I could not find very much information about it. Have any of y'all used this product? Does the screw cap serve to hold it securely in a 29mm coupler? Would I need access to both ends of the coupler? In other words, do you have to slide it in from one end and screw the cap on the other end?

I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has used the smart sled or who has devised other solutions to the same problem, ie using one altimeter in multiple rockets with varying diameters up to 4".

I hope this all made sense. If it's a silly idea just tell me that too! :smile:



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Dec 16, 2013
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I've brain stormed many different ways to have one board/sled be modular and easily swapped between rockets but gave it up some time back. I have around 7 altimeters now and only do about 3 flights per launch. So no more real need for a modular sled. I revisit the idea from time to time because its one idea I never finished.

I've never used the 29mm smart sled so can't help ya there but all other Missileworks stuff is top notch. Just remember those sleds are custom made for Missileworks altimeters and other brands don't exactly fit...but go ahead and grab a RRC2+if you haven't already you won't be disappointed.

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