Missile Works USBIO Cable Assembly Issue

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Jan 3, 2012
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It has come to my attention that the individual who has been assembling our USBIO/RRC3 interconnect cables has been has been doing the assembly incorrectly for some time now. Hence after discovering this I’m reaching out to all recent purchasers who received this cable and all those who browse these forums. It’s easily fixed and I’m including the following pics and instructions so you can reassemble this cable properly should yours be incorrectly put together.

First of the attached pics are the Bad/Good images of the assembled connector shells:


The assembly will be incorrect on BOTH ENDS of your cable.

To correct this issue and reassemble the cable correctly, follow these steps:

1. Wiggle out each wire from the connector housing one at a time (if you can’t pull it out then re-check against the pics above to ensure its assembled incorrectly).
2. With the wire out of the connector housing, re-insert it back into the same hole oriented as shown in the second attached pic (it should “click” when seated).
3. Repeat for each wire.


The pin-to-pin wire connections when the cable is fully assembled are:

1 (empty)
2 – 2
3 – 3
4 – 4
5 – 5

Please call or Email if you have any additional questions or difficulties.
I can send these pics via direct email which will be in higher res and clearer details.

My most sincere apologies for this oversight.

Jim - thank god for this post.. I have just spent the last hour trying to get my usb/io cable working, and came to the suspicion that the ends were in backwards...

I've turned them around and it's now working!

I will let Blake from AusRocketry know so he can give a heads up to other customers...
I have had issues with the crimps popping out of the connector body too. Thanks for the heads-up Jim. Pity for such a trivial (?) thing to spoil the experience of an otherwise great altimeter system.
Just a heads up, Jim posted the OP nearly two years ago. Its good the information is getting out to those who may not have read it before.
I realised that. I checked my build date once I got it working, it was made in Oct 2016, so still relevant for new devices (bought mine new a month ago...)