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For Sale Missile Works GPS / (sold) Jolly Logic Altimeter 2


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Apr 13, 2022
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I dont do much on the forum and tend to lurk and read more than anything. This is my 1st attempt to sell anything on here.
I have an EBAY account (Biodragen) but been a long time since I have bought and sold there.
Selling a few items and cleaning out all my additional stuff.

T3-XB GPS Tracking System have one RX and one TX and 2 T3-XB Extra Rocket Transmitters and Yagi Ant - will not separate any of this.
I also have 2 lipo batteries and connections to go with and one caddy and the RX case.
All together without the Yagi and lipo batteries retails for $776.80 from Missile works and the rest is about $50.
Asking $675 Shipped (conus only)

Also I have a Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 and retails for $79 plus the yellow case protector
Asking $65 Shipped (conus only)

I can do PayPal either Friends and Family but if you don't want to do that way then the additional fees will be on you.


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