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May 8, 2012
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I had some stuff laying and doubt I'll use it so if your interested PM me.

Aerotech Copperhead ignitor clips - $3 each
Estes 24" plastic chutes $2 each (4 left)
PML nylon shock cord. $5
Elastic shock cord with sewn loops. $1 each
4" piston (Fits SUMO) $2
AT Center rings (2) and (1) bulkhead - $5 SOLD
Apogee BT-80 couplets $2

I'll make this a grab box for $10 for everything and I'll throw in some other stuff I have laying around. Extra couplers, chutes etc I think I have some 24mm LOC tubes I can include

Prices don't include shipping but buy the lot of goods and I'll pay for the shipping. A lot of this stuff should ship in an envelope so I doubt it would be more than a few dollars or less.

Congratulations Kruegon got it all
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