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Top Flight Recovery LLC
Nov 14, 2011
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5in FWFG 36in airframe natural green color $65.00 shipped. SOLD

PML 6in FG nose cone (new) $65.00 shipped. SOLD

6in FG molded nose cone (new) $65.00 shipped. SOLD

7.5in FG molded nose cone (new) $65.00 shipped. SOLD

RW Adventurer 3, new in box $150.00 shipped. SOLD

2 EX 38/640 cases only, (1) used (1) new. Anodized blue $25.00 each shipped. SOLD

Dr Rocket 29/240 full motor w/ seal disc (used) $35 shipped. SOLD

Monster Motors 29mm 40-120 full motor (used) $35.00 shipped. SOLD

It wouldn't let me upload pics, but I can send them upon request to your email if needed. PayPal only!

PM me with interest!

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