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Sep 18, 2013
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Hey guys, its been awhile but I'm heading off to college this summer and I'm thinning out the rest of my rocketry stuff. For all the new people on here I'm a trustworthy person and I'm sure many people on here will vouch for me so don't hesitate on buying from me :) As always PM me if interested or shoot me an email!

First I have a RRC2 used twice in perfect condition with manuals. Asking $40 shipped. SOLD

Next is a Eggfinder 925Mhz RX. I soldered on pins to the ports so that the cable can be removed and used for other egg finder devices however it doesn't come with the cable. Asking $20 shipped.

I also have a Aerotech 38mm delay tool that I've used once. I'll let it go for $15 shipped. SOLD

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