Minimum iPhone for a new installation of the Featherweight GPS Tracker app

Aug 17, 2020
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Wellington, Co
I can say that my iPhone 4s (!!) no longer keeps up with the communications on the build that I am now testing. :-D

My iPhone 5c and iPhone 6 seem to work fine - but they have the older TestFlight installed so they continue to work (see Adrian's post that started this thread). My iPad mini (model A1490) continues to work, and my iPhone 8 Plus also works fine. I typically develop with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPad mini and then go back and test some other devices before a release. I may go back and get an iPhone 12 mini as there is something to be said for dropping a small phone in your pocket..

So the hardware on most of these models still work fine, but it is sad that Apple is making TestFlight the limiting factor. I will be working on getting it released as a real app now after this refresh that is about to go out.

Then Test flight shouldn't be an issue and phones like the S5, S6, Se wont be potentially limited correct? As the limit isnt your app but the requirement that to run it as a beta means using test flight that is the key requirement of higher ios software being forced?

How long before its ready? Appreciate the input.