Mini Engine Staged Rocket Kits?

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Jun 9, 2015
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Denver, Colorado, USA
I have some A10-0T (booster) engines in my inventory I want to use in a staged model rocket. I could scratch build a rocket to use them but I would rather start with a kit. I have never built a mini-engine (13mm) staged rocket.

I saw the Estes Mini Comanche 3 kit on a few rocket vendors' websites. Are there any other mini-engine powered, staged rocket kits I should consider?

Thanks in advance!
+1 on on the Checkmate. I LOVE it. I’ve worn out one (just under 50 flights, done in by a second stage that didn’t light over a very hard surface) and a second one that is somewhat well-used, with over 25 flights on it.

Consistently ~650 feet on A10-0T to A3-4T combo which is high enough to look really impressive with such a small model and it’s light enough that that little streamer assures a soft-enough landing. As usual the Estes ad copy max altitude estimate is rather optimistic….

John Boren told me yesterday (we were visiting at NSL) that he actually designed 5 little two-stagers (or was it six?) but only the Checkmate got approved for production. So if you want more, let Estes know!


The Twin Factor is an interesting little model, and being saucer-like is great for small fields.
The Mini-Comanche 3 is a really fun flier, and it doesn’t go crazy high, as it’s fairly heavy with 3 motors.

My favorite is the Centuri FireFly, Semroc has laser cut fins and all the other bits to clone it.