Mini Engine Boost Glider - Mini Maggot 3

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I like it! Not too many people doing BG's or RG's in the 13mm engine range. I'll be building a competition 13mm RG soon myself.
That's pretty cool. How about a R/C version... use a 30 mAH LiPo for power, and muscle wires to control the rudder/ailerons? You could probably do it and only add about 10g if you tried hard enough.
Very cool build. (For a brief second there I thought everything was fabricated from popsicle sticks and wondered how something like that could glide...until I realized the power to weight ratio of that would make it impractical). It definitely takes a lot of skill when you're pushing the boundaries of small, as you begin to run into a whole other set of variables and challenges. Congrats on the engineering.