milled fiber versus chopped stranded

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Jan 26, 2009
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Just received some fiberglass filler I ordered from Fiberglass Supply.
Order was for the following.
1/32" milled
1/8" milled
1/8" chopped strand
1/4" chopped strand
I have used the 1/32" in the past and prefer it over West System 406.
The 406 does seem to mix well with the Proline epoxy I am using.
My plans are to use the chopped stranded material when building fin cans.
Thoughts anyone?
Don't know why you are having problem with mixing 406 in the Pro line unless....are we talking the regular or the black high temp?

You do have to mix in 4-6 steps and for several minutes to get it to be smooth and lump free. Add small amount at a time ....mix ...repeat to you get it to the consistency you want. This can take 10min or more for a batch. Most trouble I've seen is due to in-experience or haste. Once you get it right, it's all downhill from there.

I,ve built 8-9 rockets with this combo [regular] and no problems yet.

Anyhow use the chopped strand where you won't see it and the milled where you will ....fillets. The stranded tends to get clumpy and lumpy when using alot, whereas the milled tends to level out better. At least in my experience.