Midwest Power 2 is Comming!!!!!

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Jun 9, 2004
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Well as some of you may already know, midwest power 2 is comming up soon. If the weather holds out I think this will be one of the kewlest launches anywhare this year, with the posible exeption of balls. But this will be way more fun then LDRS this year. Last year was amazing, and this year way better. Friday is the experimental launch with a EX night launch also. Saturday and sunday are comertial days but also with a night launch on satuday.

-25,000ft waiver
-EX O motor flight
-27' Rocket with one N4000BB and 6 M2200SK Cluster
-Anarchy-X EX N with 4 M cluster
-Drag Race wiht 38mm Hawk mt project packs
-Hybrid Motor flight demos

Where: Princeton, IL
When: October 22-24 2004
Website: Tripoliquadcities39.com
Vendor: Wildmanrocketry.com

Pre-registration $10 per day/ $15 Onsite
Range hours 9am-11pm

Those are the progects that are for sure. there is a list twice as long of posiblilities at the launch. SO IF YOU HAVE A LARGE PROJECT FOR MWP2 POST IT HERE. If you are in the midwest you MUST come, if you arnt in the widwest, come anyhow, otherwize you will miss out big time!!!!
Last year was cool, but this year its gonna be even better:)
lotsa big stuff flying this year, as far as I know I'll be there