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Sold Mid/High Power Misc Item Lot


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Jul 12, 2018
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This lot includes the following items purchased from Madcow Rocketry: 24" nylon chute (new), 1/2" by 25' nylon shock cord (new), ebay sled for 3" (or larger) rockets (new), 29mm fiberglass nose cone (used, like new, painted orange), 3" by 16" thin wall fiberglass airframe (new but has two 1/4" holes drilled in it at one end for attachment to ebay), two 1/8" kevlar shock cords, 8' and 9' (used), aeropack 29mm motor retainer (used, painted orange). Purchased individually, these items would cost $100. I'm asking $35 + $15 for shipping. Pickup in the North Denver metro area is possible also.