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Aug 24, 2012
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OK, since DARS is having a hard time finding a field for launches :mad: (I am using my connections to find a field, but no luck :facepalm:) I have been taking a 2 hour trip out to Mount Pleasant to visit the Mid America Flight Museum. It is not officially open yet, but the hanger doors are open, and people can view the aircraft. I have posted before about the stop over that the first Air Force One made at the museum (a Lockheed Constellation), and when I got a flight in General "Hap" Arnolds C-41 (DC-3):cool: Well, they just took possession of a sweet T-28B Trojan. I was lucky to be there for the training flights and the check out rides in the 28. The crew there are some of the nicest and class people I have ever met! I was Blessed to be taken up in the Trojan & actually get some stick time, and let Scott Glover (pilot/owner) do aerobatics for over 5 minutes, pure heaven :cool: So here are some images from the MAFM and some from last Sundays Air Show at Ft. Worth NAS.
MPC_0163Rc.jpg MPC_0251Rcw.jpg MPC_0391Rcpw.jpg MPC_0681rc.jpg MPC_0706rc2cr.jpg MPC_0589rCw.jpg MPC_0796Rcw.jpg

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