MicroScale Decal Film =/= Tektronics Color Laser

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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, folks, I was waiting for my order of MicroScale Liquid Decal Film to coat the Lambda-II decals and discovered an incompatibility problem.

I used Tango Papa Decal Paper, the Tektronics Color Laser and then the Decal Film and it caused the black ink to run! Opps.

So, I will be back to coating these decals with Future.

Just an FYI.

Originally posted by Micromister
Try Krylon, # 1306 (pretty sure thats the number) Workable Fixatif. I haven't ran anything i've tried it on, including "inkjet" HP inks.

1306 is the correct number!

If you guys have a hard time finding this with the regular Krylon, try the craft section. I was looking for it after a recommendation here and as hard as i looked in the local Walmart, i coldn't find it. Until I wandered into the craft section of the store! And, it was a lot cheaper than I expected!

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