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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
Before I start another Model & launch pad construction.. (Micro Camo Der Red Max).
I just had to finish the remain 6 of 7 Micro-Maxx powered scale models I started last August. just finish the last bit of painting on the ARCAS and ASP this morning. so heres a few pics of the finished products.
Wow, they all look great! I especially like the 'Smoke with the launcher.
I did an Arcas a couple years ago in minimum diameter...nice rocket. Does the Nike Launcher work? I asked because I built a real Rail launcher a couple years ago and haven't seen anyone else try one.

The 1/30th Nike launcher as pictured doesn't function as a launcher for these models..but could if I changed the launch shoes on the boosters. I flew a test model from it a few years back just to test the additional drag the nesessary shoes would put on the 1/30th Smoke model. Didn't seem to cause to much in flight wiggle but did lower the altitude a good bit, No noticeable harm to the launcher or foamcore base ,a piece of nomex over a light gage stainless steel plate saw to that. I'm thinkin your rail launcher must have been a bit larger:)
One side note; The "rail" is a plastistruct styrene I beam. If you are looking for a low power or micro power Rail this worked very well with custom cut 1/8 inch thick styrene permanent vehicle shoes cut in a C form.
Thanks Leo:
I'm finding the challenges in doing micro Scale models equal to or greater then standard size models. These little ones really make to stop and think about what and how much detail you want to include. Working on some of the X missiles and planes has opened my eyes to some models I wouldn't have "first" tried in a larger scale. here's a composite of the rest of my "Scale" micro-maxx models.
Micro...thanks for the info. I think I am going to finally get to an EMRR review on the rail...I'll have to put it in the que.

I've been planning on doing a few articles for EMRR but I cant' for the life of me figure out how to post an article without actually typing the thing on-line. Anyone know how to submit an article to them without spending all day on-line?
Type it in word... then copy the test (Highlight and then Ctrl C), and paste it (Ctrl V) in the appropriate category :).
I am with them...type it in Word, Wordpad or Notepad...then you can spell check it, save it, work on it later, etc...

Works great.