Micro Sander fr. Toothbrush

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I have looked at my electric tooth brush often wondering if this sort of thing was doable. Just never went any farther.
That's a great idea! You don't even have to buy a new base if you have replaceable tips.
After wishing my Black and Decker "Mouse" sander was smaller, I considered doing the same thing at one point. Never got around to it but may have to revisit the project if I can pick up an el cheapo toothbrush.
Just made one of these, it works great! Takes wood filler off tube spirals like a champ!
I like the toothbrush hack. Clever.

I have one of these dental drills that works great:
$120AUD including freight.
They mention that it includes compressor, but it is just a translation failure. You need to feed it compressed air.

Works great as a toolpost grinder on the lathe too.

Works well, but I suspect for sanding that the toothbrush may do a better job!
Picked up the parts the other day, but just got around to putting it together. Amazing little tool. I tested it out on some Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty I used to fill the spirals on my Airborne Surveillance Missile. Worked fantastic, my new favorite tool.