Micro Maxx Tower launcher w/ Tripod


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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
I fought building a tower for my micros but after this summers "nike" scale frenzy, I had that same old question to answer "What to do about the Launch lugs and standoffs"
So heres the result.. using my Aluminum/acrylic custom pad base I added four 2inch Acrylic discs. one for .281", .375", .448" and the last to handle 3 sizes BT-5, 20, & 50. Each disc has holes for 9" or 12" .050" stainless Steel music wire launch rods in either 3 or 4 fin arrangement. everything stores on the Aluminum base and attaches to the standard 1/4-20" threaded fasteners on most camera tripods or clamps to the end of most launch racks. I found this tiny tripod a Microcenters computer stores, it telescopes from 9.5" to 42" very compact, so this entire launcher system fits in the bottom of my range box.