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Jan 9, 2004
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I for the first time saw some Micro Maxx rockets and engines at the Hobby store. All my fiance said was " They are soo cute!". The are very small. I saw a kit that had two rockets (can't remember the names) and 8 motors for $20. Is that a good price?

Well in a hobby shop 8 motors starter sets are likely the Micro-Maxx-I motors .28n/sec 1 sec delay. With two RTF models, silo launcher and controller I guess that's a "fair" price Not great. the older system kits sold for around $15.00, but when Toy's R' Us dumped the line after Toy- biz sold Quest Areospace Education back to Bill Stine last fall. they had the system kits for 5.00. but they are long gone.
The newer motors are .31/sec almost twice the power in the same 6mm x 1" motor (6 per package)
You'll have a blast with these micros no matter which motor type you find, I have case lots of both now MM-1's for the very light models, MM-II's for up to 17gram beasts:D. I've been flying them almost exclusively since 2000. The RTF's are a little on the heavy side, Mr Stine has promised new lighter "kit type" Micro's by fall of this year. We've been flying scratch built bic pens, saucers and all manor or downscales, gliders, paper models, PMC's, True Scales, Odd-Rocs and evern compettion models for the last couple years. Here's a pic of my downscale Micro fleet only. If you do a search for Micro-Maxx you'll come up with a batch of posts and pics on micronizing your flying:)
Art Applywhite also set up a Yahoo group for Micro Maxxers. you can join us at https://groups.yahoo.com.group.MicroMaxRockets/ make sure you notice the upper case letter and the single x in Maxx. If you join the group check out the Files and photos sections as well as the FAQ. you'll find over 60 one page plans and all kinds of sources for material and parts.
Hope this helps a little
Several good vendors have gone off line...I used to like Valuland for MMX stuff. there are still a few that carry them though and probably near the price you mentioned. You will enjoy them, but really need to spend only about $10 and place an order with ASP for bodytubes, nosecones, fin material and more...you will be able to scratch build a ton of MMX for a minimal investment.

Has anyone ever staged to a Micro Maxx rocket? Say and Estes 1/2 A or A8 to a Micro Maxx rocket?

Originally posted by edwardw
Has anyone ever staged to a Micro Maxx rocket? Say and Estes 1/2 A or A8 to a Micro Maxx rocket?


Yes, We have micro-maxx models for ever event in the NAR competition rule book except RC/RG and that may be coming soon:D
Staged, Clustered, BG, RG, SuperRoc (would you believe 103") ,PD,SD, payload, LED Illuminated payload nightflight models, Scale Models, SuperScale, Space systems, Plastic Model Conversions, Spot landers, Saucers, tons of DownScale classic kits, and Odd-Rocs for just about any occasion. You name it We've got it. every thing from flying cadillac cones to scissor-wing gliders, one of the guys just posted a downscale estes F14 tomcat swing-wing.... Jump on in the waters fine!!! :)

A causionary word about staging micros. even the newer "shorter" delay MM-II motors Cat. # 5663 are really not reliable for staging as the come from the factory. My talks with Bill Stine have dashed any hopes of a Micro-Maxx -0 delay booster motor in the foreseeable future. So.... you have two choices: Fly the stages gapped with venting and hope for the best.
B) remove the ejection and delay charge to create a booster motor.
My personal flight testing have shown even gap staged vented models only successfully staged one out of 8 flights. The motor nozzles are so small it's difficult to get ignition. However, that success rate shot up to about 85 or so percent butting the motors with an altered booster motor. 16 of 19 flights staged successfully.
Hope this helps