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Feb 10, 2009
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Avon Park, Florida
I'll say it up front: No pics. I know everyone likes to see them, I do to. But my wife couldn't go and I couldn't set up rockets and corral my four year old daughter AND take pics. But we did have a great time and it was my daughters first time with rockets. I hope it's the first of many more great times we have together involving rockets.

I launched:

Fliskits Red Crayon - Wow, this baby zips off the pad. I loved it. It was stepped on by another kid that was running around but it only broke one of the clear fins, no biggie.

Fliskits Intergalactic Man of Space - I launched this one at least three times. Awesome flights. This is a favorite of mine and my daughter. We'll be doing another one that will be the Intergalactic Girl of Space with pink and all. Maybe even deserves an upscale. How about a kit, Jim? I know I'd buy one.

ASP Corporal - This baby almost went out of sight but came down quickly with the streamer. I like these ASP micro kits a lot too.

I bought a Super Value Starter Set from Quest. It came with all the launcher stuff and twenty five motors and igniters. I bought it for the the launcher and motors only but it came with ten of the Quest heavy plastic killer brick rockets. They stink! I launched the No Mercy and the Critical Mass. While they got fairly decent altitude (not even close to the crayon or the Corporal) but the poorly designed streamers didn't unwrap and they came in like killer darts. One of them missed a kid by about twenty feet. I will never launch them again. The Saturn V and other various stuff is just two heavy. Besides I like to build the kits.

I bought one of those missile silo launcher sets from Quest back when they first came out. I was not impressed to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that with the second generation of Micro Maxx motors, and with kits made from balsa and cardboard these babies really move and you get good altitude.

Folks, if you haven't tried Micro rockets, you should! This is real rocketry and my range box is a shoe box.

Next are some downscale clones. I bought some parts from Jim Flis and also a diminutive deuce. I'm going to do a micro Evel Knievel Sky Cycle.
Glad you are enjoying the world of micro rocketry :) I have been having a ball with it myself and look forward to several new kits coming out this year. They truly are a hoot!
Hi, I'm just getting back in to Rocketry after a bit of an absence.

Sorry about bumping such and old thread, but it seemed like the best fit for my post.

Since coming back, I'm all over these micro maxx rockets. Especially for scratch building. I just picked up a bunch of parts From Fliskits and my daughters and I are going to get going on putting some rockets together. I thought about buying kits, but figured, this is a great size and price to put some ideas to the test.

I think every rocket I have in my fleet that isn't a micro, is pretty much OOP, except for a few I bought two years ago. I tend to like scale stuff, so I have the Estes Saturn V (2 D-12 cluster), Saturn 1B, Space Shuttle with Boosters and fuel Tank, Titan 3C?, Mercury Restone and Atlas. Anyways, I get so scared to launch the things anymore out of fear of loss. These micro rockets have made the hobby fun for me again.
If you like scale you need to check out our micro Honest John :)

Good luck with the scratch building! That's how I got started with these things myself (well, that and all of my rocketry interests for that matter :) )
MarkSchnell & Clonefan94:
If you guys are new to Micros by all means Please join us over on the MicroMaxRocket Yahoo group.
You'll find loads of plans and stuff for over 130 downscales, competition, Odd-Roc, Gliders, Scale and PMC micro's in the files section once you join the group.

One of the little tricks to flying the OLD LPB's (Little Plastic Bricks) from the Supervalue Pak and original Silo Launcher is to fold the Streamer rather then rolling it on the piston shaft.
fold in half, then half agian and again until the streamer makes a single turn around the shaft. You'll find they work well that way every time;) It also helps to talc babypowder the streamer on both sides before folding.

You'll find Micros make EXCELLENT Scale models in the T2+ and T3 body sizes. They fly great and can offer Plenty of detailing opportunity. T4 and T5(BT-5) while able to be flown on Micro motors ....Or clusters. Tend to be on the HEAVY side, limiting alititude, particularly if your really finishing the models. Trick it to build light and keep the overall airframe as small as practical.
Heres a few Micro Scale models and a PMC I've been flying for awhile. More on are the planning and building table currently.
Hope this helps a little

MM 211e_Nike-Tomahawk 5pic pg(300dpi)_05-13-99.jpg
Thanks for the info Micromeister. I will look into the yahoo group. I've been looking at all kinds of sizes. Right now, my main focus for the micros is pretty much backyard launching only. So max altitude really isn't my main focus. My kids love them, so it's more a way to easily get out and shoot some rockets off.

I'm glad to see that Micromeister jumped in. I was going to suggest the Yahoo group to you. Micromeister should change his name to MicroKing because when it comes to Micros he is it!! Amazing stuff!

I'm glad to see that Micromeister jumped in. I was going to suggest the Yahoo group to you. Micromeister should change his name to MicroKing because when it comes to Micros he is it!! Amazing stuff!
I agree :)