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Jan 17, 2009
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Well since the MMX motors are on special everywhere and they are practically Giving them away, I thought I'd do some more downscale. I bought 5 packs of the MMX motors and an Ecee from jonrocket, and as I was building the Ecee I thought "hey, this'd be a good micro". I already had an Ecee thunder and now there are three :)
I drew up the templates in a cheapo cad program, and then just scaled by the ratio of the bt diameters. .281/.544 = .5165 scale. With the cad program, it is simple to scale, and the whole thing fits on one 8.5x11 sheet.:)
let us know how it flies! BTW - were those three Ecees sitting on the flap of a Mega Ecee?:p
Ah yes Ecee! Very Cool Swingwing!
This is on my "To-Do" list of downscales. Thanks ya saved me some CAD time:D This will round out my MMX downscale of Roberts Gliders:) Well maybe a CiCi yet to go...
Heres my finished version of your Micro Ecee RG, #3 because I assembled the first one with the stop plug in backwards..Doah! (hand slapping bald forehead loadly) tore up the whole model getting the tube out:(
Hand tossed this one last evening, after addtion of a tiny bit of nose weight clay we got about 50' easy level glide from a gentle shoulder high release. Ewt. with added clay 6.3g.
Can't wait to get her in the air!

Also notice this is Micro Model 300, this translates to 100 different micro models now in my fleet, including 10 Quest original little plastic bricks:D
Very nice Micro, I don't think I'll get to launch mine soon - white frosty stuff fallin from the sky. :(
Yea I know what you mean. No snow but lot's of rain,and that nasty four letter "W" word down here.
It was looking good for this weekend, but now the weather gods have moved showers into the Satruday forecast, if that holds true, most of the new glider flights will be scrubbed as very least:( DRAT!!!!
Have you flown your "thunder" version yet?

I have one in the bag and am very excited about it - but there is a possible move in my near future and I'd hate to build it and have it damaged during a move.

I read on EMRR that the E9-4 is the perfect motor for that beast.
I seem to be in a habit of hijacking threads lately. Careful with the E9-4. I used one on the Deltie Thunder and it bound on the rod. Not much, but just barely enough to affect the take off. It was enough to send the rocket into the ground under power, though. On the bright side, it was the coolest power-prang I've ever seen!! :D
Actually, the Thunder version is the only one of my Ecees to fly yet. I love that bird! Do trim a circular glide into it or you might not see it again.
Be careful to retain the motor well, I saw one at our club launch that spit the motor without pushing the piston forward - pretty ugly results when that much balsa comes in ballistic :mad:
I added a motor hook after mine spit the motor (at the same launch!) but luckily it pushed the piston and glided fine even out of balance. Without the casing weight, it flew completely off the field and landed in the MEDIAN of the highway:rolleyes:
It is not an easy bird to transport - I would wait till post move to build it. I have had to postpone launching mine at 2 launches because of transport damage.

I have never tried an E9-4, only D12-3's. I would think the low impulse, long burn of the E9-4 would be perfect. :cool:
Robert Edmonds is a member of Narhams as well as Novaar, He sport flys with us attending most all of our monthly sport launches. He has flown one of his Ecee thunders on an E9 with much the same result as KermieD's. May not have been a slight hangup on the rod, it may just be E9's just don't have enought Umph to get all that balsa moving:(
I also have one in the box but won't be building it anytime soon, as storage and transport is truely a major concern.
I'm please as punch with all my Ecee 13 and 18's they are a blast, Swingwing is SOOOO right about building in a turn, I've lost 4 - Ecee-18's and 2- Ecee 13's to thermals. One Ecee-18 thermalled away on a B6-2 Can you imagine!!! I chased the thing for a couple miles but she was last seen heading west and raising:(
I'm hoping these Ecee-1/8A's will stay on the field but at around 7grams LOWT we'll have to see:D
I've been looking at converting all Roberts 10.5mm BG and RG models for Micro-Maxx motors. He had a very cool High wing 10.5mm RG that may be just a bit to heavy around 16g but maybe it can be downscaled like the Ecee:D
Thats a neat R/G, Is that an old RE design? Is there a plan archive anywhere?
Yes it was a 10.5mm prototype, I'm not sure it ever made it to production. As far as I know there are no plans for this model, I'm not sure if I even made patterns of it which is a Habbit of mine. I've looked for them recently to no avail. If nothing else I'll have to take this 10.5 model apart to reconstruct it for downscaling.