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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
Heres the latest micro-maxx powered 2X down-scale added to my micro fleet. The Old Estes Astron SPRINT hp streamer model.
this downscale is overall 6.375" long, using a .448"(10.5mm) airframe and Pratt pnc-105 styrene nosecone. The shape is a bit off but make an acceptable sub. Drafting vellum was used for the .448 to 281" x .5" boattail. the models Ewt is 7.4g with a 1" x 10" red teflon streamer/wadding combination.
After finishing and decaling I flew the model with a micro size Pop-lug today on a MM-II motor to about 45feet. Great flight! straight as an arrow, sorry I missed the liftoff pic as usual hers the static just before lift-off
Originally posted by stymye
nice ! what are you using for the chrome?

ASP sells a roll of 1/2" chrome mylar tape, mostly used for competition motor installation/retension. works equally well as a decor. trim tape. The stuff is very thin, light weight and hold like all gee-wiz.
I've picked up chrome, gold, blue, green and red mylar wrapping tapes during the Christmas season that may be made by the same manufacturer, they are the same .002 or less thinkness with very agressive adhesive. I've mostly found them at Micheal's and K-mart but also once found a couple 5 roll packs in one of the dollar stores, that was a great find 5 rolls for a buck! Great stuff for accent and trim work. Oh, makes great elevator and flat hinges for gliders also;)