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Sep 28, 2012
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Michiana Rocketry Members and Friends

We will be having our scheduled January 21st launch this coming Saturday.

The launch on Saturday will be at the usual times of set up at 9 am and flying from 10 am to 5 pm. Note that since we are very close to the shortest day of the year and the sun will setting shortly after 5 pm we may end this launch around 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm to have time to pack up the equipment before dark, so if you are planning a certification flight you need to get this done earlier in the day as you don’t want to be looking for your rocket in the dark.

The weather forecast so far seem to be looking Ok for our Saturday launch, 50+ Degree F temperature (for January - wow) , winds 8 to 10 mph, but maybe on the cloudy side ( hopefully some patches of sky will open up).
We are planning on having the launch this Saturday unless something drastic happens to the weather between now and Saturday so always check the website before you make the trip down. We will post if the current launch planned is a GO or NO-GO by Friday night.

We will have our 12,000 foot FAA waiver in place, but also the cloud ceiling height may over ride this and we may limit height on launch day for safety concerns, we will have to see what the cloud ceiling conditions are like on launch day to make this final determination. You can go to our website to check what available equipment and launch pads that will be on site. We will have a porta potty on site and several vendors. We launch on huge farm fields capable of launching everything from A to M motors. We are approximately 1 hour drive for Chicago.

So, let’s all come on out and have a great time.
Go to https://www.michianarocketry.org/ for the latest launch update and map to field
John Olevich
Michiana Rocketry Prefect/President
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I will be coming up to launch with you guys soon , will need to recert lv1 and 2 tripoli and working on my L3 but that my need to wait till mwp
Who says there is no free lunch?

ROCKETPOXY is sponsoring a catered free lunch for this Saturdays Michiana Rocketry launch January 21st, 2017.

Food will be Brats, Hamburgers, (cooked on site by a professional griller on a charcoal grill) pasta salad, soda pop and water. Served from 11 AM to 1 PM EST onsite at Michiana rocketry launch field.
Great food at the launch, special thanks to the grill man

MR_3_012117.jpg MR_2_012117.jpg
We had our first celebrity sighting of the year. yes the Wildman himself Tim Lehr came out and launched some rockets with us. ( the one with the Red coat on). 58 Degrees F in January brought out everyone, cars lined up all the way to Avery road.
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Also big congrats to Ken Slabbekoom as he passed his Tripoli Level 1 with his rocket Candy cane.

MR_20_012117.jpg MR_19_012117.jpg
Some additional photos of our launch thanks to Ken S. for the photos
Thanks for the photos, John! Love the pumpkin chute on your pumpkin rocket. Congrats to Ken S on his L1!

Good to see the Wildman on the range....last time I was in Three Oaks, I flew a 4" Jart with an AP tailcone too...wild minds think alike!:confused::cool:

Looking forward to returning to Three Oaks in a few months.