Michiana Rocketry February Launch OFFICIAL THREAD

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Jan 17, 2009
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SW Michigan
Yes...that's right this is the OFFICIAL THREAD for the Michiana Rocketry February launch. Don't even think of starting another thread about this launch because then it WON'T BE OFFICIAL. :bangpan:






Well, I'm planning on coming, but I've never flown at Three Oaks so I don't know the launch site, winds, recovery area, etc. Also I'll be in downtown Chicago for a Board Meeting on Friday so I can't drive my normal 1992 F150 long bed with trailer in tow (borrowed from my uncle). I'll be taking my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee which has comparatively limited space--plus I'll have hotel stays and changes of clothes to stuff in there somewhere. Right now I'm thinking from left to right in the picture below, #'s 1, 2, 5 and 6.

Hey we'd love to have you. The recovery area is quite awesome especially since they planted soybeans in our main field this year. Several square miles to work with or so. If winds are out of the NE then we have to limit it a bit since there are some trees way off to the south and southwest. Typically that is not an issue as winds are predominantly out of the west. We have your standard launch equipment like 1010 rails, a 1515 rail, and all sorts of rods. We can easily handle up to M impulse and maybe an N but I'd have to ask about that. 12k waiver with a 16k call-in.

You won't be disappointed. Feel free to drop me a line or post any questions you have here.


Will there be vendors at this launch? (Did a quick inventory last night and I'm gonna need some e-matches)

Impulse Buys is your guy for ematches. Red Arrow Hobbies will be there both days as far as I know but I do not believe he has ematches in stock. AFAIK he has the new Quest Q2C2 igniters which are allegedly as good as ematches. Impulse Buys is only going to be there on Sunday. A lot of our club members fly dual-deploy so if worse comes to worse there will very likely be someone with some extras.

On a similar note, be sure to watch our website CLOSELY. It is looking like the weather is going to take a turn for the worse. :mad: There is a very small chance at this point it may get postponed or we may cancel one of the launch days. :mad::mad: One forecast is putting the wind speeds at 15+ mph with gusts to 30 mph with some snow. The wind speed forecast numbers for the weekend keeps creeping up as we get closer. I will try to remember to keep this thread updated as well. The web site though is the official word.


EDIT: Of course that is coming from AccuWeather (I think) and this is what Weather.com says:


This is what we get for flying in winter in Michigan. Man I wish we had a summer field.
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Wow, the forecast changed quickly--only yesterday afternoon they were saying partly sunny mid-30s all weekend.
Darn the torpedoes...Full speed ahead...Warp speed Scotty...LET'S LIGHT THIS CANDLE.

So uhh...it's official we are going ahead with the launch.

I expect ALL of TRF there or you will get ONE WHOLE demerit. And I don't want to hear a bunch of whining about airline fees and how long the drive is blah blah blah...2 days is PLENTY of time for all of you to get here.

Just a quick thanks to Dave Brunsting and all the folks at Michiana Rocketry for putting on this launch and welcoming a new flyer at Three Oaks this past weekend.
It was a pleasure meeting you Tim. It's neat to see the rockets in person as well as put a face with the name. Feel free to drop by anytime. I wish conditions would have been better. As you can imagine, winds out of the north are not ideal for that field. Usually they are out of the west or south unlike last weekend.