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Jun 27, 2004
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I got to meet Michael Phelps(the eight-time olympic medalist, six of which were gold!) today. He came to where I swim and gave us a swim clinic. He is an EXTREMELY nice guy and I didn't even realize how nice he is. He is also extremely ripped! He has what looks like a 6-pack of his back! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. I got him to sign a picture that I have and I am going to frame it! I only wish I could have talked to him for longer and gotten to know him better. It was a fun day though! I will try to get a picture and post it!
Very Cool!

Is he doing these swim clinics everywhere, or just where you live. You should have told him to come my way;) it would be realy cool to meet him!

Be sure to post pics of the thing he signed
I am not sure if he does it everywhere but this was a benefit to Meals on wheels or some sort of thing like that. It was nothing for him, he just did it for whomever the sponsors were. I will ask my coach tomorrow if he does it everywhere. And I will also post the pics tomorrow!:D
Here is the first thing he signed...it is a calender.
Here is a close-up of his picture...it was taken with a camera phone hence the bad graphics
Here is a swim cap he signed for my brother...he was only allowed to sign one thing per person, and it HAD to be speedo because he has a huge contract with them.
And here is the sheet that they handed out when you got to him. It is a "tips" sheet about what he did to make his strokes better.
I used to swim in high school. I swam the 200 Indivual Relay and 100 Fly. I was pretty good at fly, my times for the 100 were 1:02 ish. I used to have a ripped back and abs. Then I found girls......don't let it happen to you.

haha. Yeah sounds about right. I also swim the 100 fly. I just started swimming the 100 just this past month. I get a 1:03 ish. I also swim the 200 IM too. I do not exactly like it though...:rolleyes:
The 200 IM was fun. You just have to get used to it. It was my favorite event. I went to state three years for it. Lost every time to the same guy who was better than me by less than .2 seconds.