METRA EX Launch: Nov 20 & 21

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sweeet, I plan to be there on Sunday. What's everyone flying?

I will have a handful of 38-220's, 38-660's, 38-900's and 54-800's.
I will probably fly a 38-660 Carb Red in my 54mm rocket, 38-900 Yellow in my dad's 4" Bull Pup, and a handful of 38-220's (blue, smokey, and high Al blue) in my 54mm rocket, as well.

Should be a lot of fun.
and the second was a 38-660 Kosdon Fast.

Here it is coming up to full pressure, and digging itself into the ground a few inches!
and finally the 38-660 at burn out. Check out the mach diamonds!

The 38-220 Pink worked out to be an H115 with a 1.9 second burn.

the 38-660 Kosdon Fast was a J360 with a 1.86 second burn (NOT FAST ENOUGH!!! I would like to get this up to at least a J500)
We will be having it this weekend.
I'll be able to make both Sat & Sun
Weather forcast is saying 50% chance of rain on Sat & lite wind on Sun.