METRA EX Launch 8/21 & 8/22

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do you have any pictures from the launch? Your sparky motor was very fast, any details on that?
I have a video I can send you if you like.
It's only about 2 min or less.
The ARTS spit out some weird data,
from what I could gather:
the motor burned for about 0.820 sec.
That I believe
then it came up with a really low ISP of 93.
That I doen't believe
I played with the data & came up with an I 550 or so...

I would like to see one. That motor sure was fast, it slammed the rocket. it kinda had a Kosdon kinda flame if I remember correctly.
It had more spark than smoke. I'll have to try another one closer to sun set next time to get the full effect...