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Jan 26, 2009
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i know your not supposed to launch any metal products but is tinfoil considered metal?
You can launch metal (i.e. engine hooks, bolts, screws, etc.). You're just not supposed to make the nose, body or fins out of them (LPR), or use "or the minimum amount of ductile metal suitable for the power used and the performance of my rocket" (HPR).

I would think tin foil would be okay, provided you're using it as an accent and not a structural part of the rocket.
No, tinfoil should be OK. I covered a rocket with metal tape and it was fine. Of course you could go overboard, wad it up, fill it with epoxy, and some RSO may balk...
yeah i was just pondering making a rocket payload out of a soda can for no reason... i guess i could use some cardboard reinforcement so if it falls it wont dent and make a sharp edge...
While I personally can't see any harm of using a soda can, that's not quite tinfoil and I don't think a RSO at a NAR launch would let it fly.
if anyone at any launch saw any of my rockets they wouldn't let em fly... :D
maybe you could use the clear plastic tube from a tennis-ball package? (I guess you would have to spin your own custom-sized NC to match)
I don't see why a soda can wouldn't be allowed to fly...if it's inside a payload bay then it poses no threat...I mean we fly bowling balls for cripes sake...
We had a guy at our club a couple years ago using soda cans as nose weight. He'd fly em and give away the (still full) soda can to someone to taste... the results were always announced over the PA :p

and my last expierience with a clear rocket, with a clear payload wasn't too pretty...

last summer we made one... basically a small one streamer recovery and all...

the ejection charge must have gone off early (or something else i dont know what) but while it was going up the nosecone of the payload came off and the payload itself became a melted hunk of plastic... the thing was it wasn't that high up... only went about 150 feet becuase we had streamers on the fins to prevent it from going to far up... well my friend decided to try and catch the very hot melted plastic as it was gliding down on the streamer... i started cracking up while he was running around screaming and waving his arms screaming for ice... :D
not meaning to double post but would around 4 feet of cans with cardboard tubing inside be bad?