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Jan 18, 2009
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I would like to take this moment to wish all members of TRF to have a safe and merry Christmas
Happy Happy - Joy Joy!!!
A very Marry Christmas to still be best Forum group on the internet.
And to all Peace on earth and goodwill to Everyone.
Say a prayer for our boys overseas please:D
Originally posted by thomasrau
Merry Christmas, happy holidays everyone.
During this season of giving and reflecting please keep our hero's and their families in your thoughts. Our brave men and woman deployed around the world, far from home, far from their families, many in harms way. All risking their lives so that we may remain free.

Well said..... Amen....
I hope everyone has a great Holiday - reflecting back on this year - I would like to thank everyone in TRF for there help and inspiration in building - You guys are the best
Merry Christmas!

Let all you gifts be long, heavy and smell of AP. Just keep em away from those hot Christmas lights tho!
Merry Christamas to you all.

Your fellowship has made this a wonderful year for me. :)
As I wish each and every rocketeer and their loved ones around the world a happy Christmas or whatever substitute greeting fills this space in your life. Please remember that this is the season of giving. Give of yourself and the harvest will be worth the effort.

My special wishes go to any of you who have family overseas in the military this time of year. May they be safe, may the hostilities end soon so that peace reigns supreme, and may you see them soon.

Of course I would not be a real rocket addict if the picture below also gives me happy thoughts.

Have a safe and Happy Holidays from Underdog Rockets!!

Hope you all get lots of rockets and cool stuff from Mr. Kringle!!:)