MERRY CHRISTMAS Happy holidays and more (24 hr madness sale)

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well first off we at would like to wish everyone the BEST holiday.. they can have

Second off Im going to throw a one day christmas sale.. for those lonely enough to be on the forum for the holidays.

lets go back to Stickershock traditions.

starting NOW and ending december 25th at 5 pm Mountain time 2016


YEP buy any stickershock decal available as ADD TO CART/BUY IT NOW on my website and get a second of lessor or equal value FREE

heres how it works..

go to the website

find the two decals you would like.. put them in your cart and finish the sale as normal..

in the notes to seller OR IF YOU DONT GET THAT OPTION.. send me an e-mail and say

"CHRISTMAS BOGO" and I will refund the amount of the lessor decal ASAP!

or just e-mail me tell me the two decals you'd like with all the options and I'll send an invoice asap.

easy as pie..

as normal this offer is good for anything available on my website

you cannot combine with other specials (such as black sale coupons)

this is NOT good for full color printed decals (EXCEPT FOR THE ONES OFFERED ON THE WEBSITE)

this IS good for "CUSTOM LETTERING"

I think that about does it..

thanks for looking

merry christmas..

and remember "NEVER FLY NAKED"

Mark and Marian
well I guess Im going to spend christmas making decals..

thanks to everyone so far... and a little nudge