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Very nice. The Redstone is one of my favorite scale subjects. Right now I'm working on a Polecat 1\13 scale. I was hoping to get it done for LDRS, but it doesn't look like it'll happen.
I'd like to do US manned rockets in 1/100. So Mercury Redstone comes first.

1/35 would be cool, too. Gemini Titan wouldn't be too hard. Saturn 1B would be a stretch. And a 1/35 Saturn V, I think, is beyond my scope.
The big MR is the current Estes 1921 kit. The little one is a scratch built using BT19 and the matching nosecone from eRockets. Plus some home scaled and printed decals.
I just picked up the Estes kit to build with my 9yo son. He wants it to have 3 parachutes just like the real one. I am also fitting a C11/D12 24mm motor mount because he says 200ft is not high enough daddy.
I had my first scale fopaux. I didn't look closely enough at the pictures of the escape tower to see that the base of it was black. I thought just the capsule was black. Speaking of which I suspect the capsule is flat black, but what color red should the escape tower be painted?
I haven't rechecked the Merc Redstone, but the Merc Atlas says gloss black and gloss red. My Merc Redstone is glass. I don't think I painted the tower. I think I just left it red plastic. (The Mercury Atlas capsule and tower is white plastic, so both need paint. )

I'm not a scale stickler, though.