Mercury Redstone Complete!

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Jan 19, 2011
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Cache County Utah
It's been a real moment since I've posted on the forum or built a rocket for that matter. Finally got this kit completed and WOW it took a bit. I've spent most of the last 6 years in mid to high power rocketry and I feel like this little gem was harder to do in many aspects, but mainly the finish. With big rockets, use big tools, more brute force, little surface flaws aren't as critical... I'm happy with this. Takes way more finesse and fine skill! 1488233799492.jpg
Ohh nice. This is on my short list, but I need to build a few easy cheap ones first to get back into the groove.
Just finished mine as well, not near as nice but finished. I upgraded to a 24mm motor mount.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1488477076.655878.jpg

Hope to fly it in the launch this weekend or next.
I'm really happy with the build. It was super fun and challenging due to the size. Lowpuller's looks great! I'll fly it later this month. Probably on an 18mm composite motor. D-10 I think.

i have built the Estes Mercury Redstone, one of my favourite rockets, see pic. In this kit there are no decals for the nose cone, anyone know why? Where can i get them?
Im guess they are there, but you just missed them, white on a white background. They are outlined with a dotted line so you can cut them out.
I guess you are right... i asked Estes their opinion on this issue, and they simply replied sending me a spare set of decals...great service!
Today the decal set arrived, and indeed, the white ones are there, nearly invisible but marked by a dotte black line...silly me....