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Mar 11, 2009
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I thought this was a pretty cool looking rocket for not a lot of money so I begged the wife for the cash to get it last week. I bought it straight from Mercury Eng. as they come with a free 29 to 24mm motor adapter and their price is about the same as all of the distributors.

The rocket was shipped very promptly and arrived in a well packed box and all materials were neatly packed inside a plastic bag. The kit came with Kevlar to mount the shock cord and plywood fins. 6 Foot of elastic was also included for the shock cord and a nylon 24" chute was also included.

Building was straight forward and I used just wood glue untill I did the fillits on the fins and 1/4" launch lug. I changed up the graphics a bit but stuck with the basic color scheme. I only used one of the peel and stick decals, which I was planning on using as just a frisket to mask and paint the details on with, but the clear coat had not cured underneath the surface enough so I had to leave it on.

As soon as the weather makes up its mind here I will give it its first launch (unless the flatheads are running :) ) then it might have to wait.




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For painting I used Rustoleum (best rattle can paint I have ever used)

The Green is flourescent green. For the flame outlines and the shadow detail and red eyes on the decal I used just simple paint pens. I clear coated the whole thing between each layer of paint. In otherwords I clear coated the black, then painted the green and flame outlines and then clear coated, then placed the decal on and painted it and then clear coated it as well. This way it is easier to go back to the last stage if needed.

I used Deft clear wood finish for the clear coat, which seems to be compatable with every brand of spray paint I have ever used. The flames were just masked with thin strips of masking tape I cut myself and the design of the flames I just made up. The red eyes look much more blended in real life and the decal also looks more blended as well.





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Yes, I agree, very nice. I like the looks of the model - puts me in mind of the LOC Onyx, one of my all time favorites. :cool:
Good looking rocket and a good flyer, too. About 600' on an e30. So you can go big rocket, small field, or go g80 and go big rocket, big air!!!:jaw:
A couple of better photos I took today. Still no launch, but will do it soon.