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Feb 22, 2016
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Hey guys,

Just finished this gem from an ebay purchase.

The vacuum molded parts were definitely a challenge!

Looking forward to an E20-4 first flight soon.

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Very nice! I have one squirreled away. I need to improve my skills before I tackle it. What was the challenge with the injected molded parts? Fit? Filling? Finishing?
Basically cutting the parts. Definitely need a sharp X-Acto blade for the job.

I would also recommend some "canopy glue" for attaching fairings to the body tube; it worked out really well for me.

Foil wrapping is not difficult, just VERY time consuming.

Oh yeah, one more thing.....

People have mentioned that the fins have broken easily on landing, I decided to paper them, we'll see how they hold up.
Dang it, I should have proof read my post first.

I meant to say 'vacuum formed' parts.
Today was the big day.......... Flew great on the Aerotech E-20-4.

Fin broke off upon landing, just as commonly reported by others.

I think to stop this from happening would be a fin through the wall of the tube.

Overall a great day....

I have a video, I'll try to post..

I never liked the look of the duck foot fins, I retrofitted mine with clear triangular polycarbonate fins, slotted the side and main tube and glued them in place with a flexible clear CA, nearly invisible, don't break off, are moderately sized didn't have to add any nose weight, flies great.