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Mega LPR/MPR motors, kits, airbrushes, building supplies and misc - Cleaning out!!!


Nov 5, 2013
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OK folks, bear with me as I try to sort all this out. I'm cleaning out, not flying much anymore, so unloading stuff that looks useful. Bottom Line Up Front: $350 obo for everything, assuming we can meet up FTF somewhere in the Southeast.
I'd really like to sell this as a lot, as I can't ship about half of it. If someone wants to buy the shippable stuff (airbrushes, kits, parts), I'll do that if I'm unable to sell the whole lot. So requests to part out won't be honored for a while.

For FTF meetups, I'm in Huntsville, AL, but there's good news! I'll be traveling quite a bit in the southeast over the next couple of months, so if you're anywhere near the following locations, I'll be happy to meet up! So if you're interested in this lot, give me a PM if you're in/close to: N. Alabama, N. Mississippi, Memphis, Little Rock, Nashville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Macon.

Disclaimer: Some of this I'm unsure about, so if the description doesn't satisfy you, PM me and I'll dig to get more details.

We'll start w/ the motors:
1x Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 case (used, works fine)
1x Aerotech G138T-14A (RMS, NIP)
3x G71R (RMS, opened, in ziplock, no idea of the delays)
1x E16-7 (RMS, NIP)
1x F26 Single Use motor (Estes Pro Series)

24 mm:
2x 24/40 Aerotech RMS cases (NIP)
1x D9-7 (RMS three pack, NIP)
1x D15-7 (RMS three pack, NIP)

3x Estes Blast-Off Flight Pack (NIP)
2x Estes 6-0 booster blister pack (NIP)
2x Apogee D10-7 single use composite (NIP)

IMG_4391.JPG IMG_4395.JPG IMG_4396.JPG

Complete Rockets/Kits/Parts to make a complete kit:

Mega Bertha clone - built for 29mm, kevlar blanket, nylon chute, flies just fine but well loved. Fit and finish is average
Apogee Avion (opened, motor mount built, complete)
Estes Monarch (opened, pretty sure all the parts are there)
Estes D-Region Tomahawk (NIP)
Estes Mega Mosquito (NIP, includes original Mosquito kit, too)
Estes Quark (NIP)
Scale AMRAAM kits for 14mm motors -
- 6 airframe tubes (enough for 12 AMRAAMs)
- 6 sets of custom lazer cut basswood fins
- 2 Apogee 2" x 56" mylar streamer
- Apogee Components Centering Rings 10-13
- 3 Nose Cones

IMG_4393.JPG IMG_4394.JPG IMG_4390.JPG IMG_4397.JPG IMG_4398.JPG

Airbrushes: Both are older, but still fully functional (and CLEAN!)
Paasche VL-1 (Dual-action, hose has been repaired, includes 1 cup, 1 bottle, VL-1 needle only)
Paasche H (single action, H-1, H-3, H-5 needles, 1 cup, 1 bottle, new hose)


Misc Parts and Building stuff:
Estes Tube Marking Guide
Parts for ejection baffle (orginally intended for Madcow Scooter)
Estes Motor Mount kit (opened, parts for 2 MM's left)
Kevlar Shock Cords - various lengths
Apogee Components - Centering Rings 18-29
Apogee Components - Airframe Coupler AC-29A
Apogee Components - 1/8" Launch Lugs
Sunward 3/16" Launch Lugs
Several Apogee CD's and paperwork
There's an extra chute and a couple bonus items not worth listing here as well.

IMG_4390.JPG IMG_4397.JPG
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Nov 5, 2013
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Headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas this week! N. Mississippi, then Memphis, Little Rock and Fayetteville! If you're interested, let me know by tomorrow afternoon! (Mon, 21 Apr)


Nov 5, 2013
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I've got an offer for the whole lot, so I'll pursue that first. Will update here if something happens to the current offer.

Thanks much for all the PM's!