Mean machine conversion to Aero Dart


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May 3, 2011
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I've been in rocketry for a long time, the drawings of the Centuri AeroDart in the old catalogs looked to me like the ultimate in cool rockets. I'm aware of other versions called AeroDart but the one pictured in the 1969 Centuri catalog is the one I liked.

I took that image into autocad, scaled to match BT-60 tube size, and got dimensions for length and fins. The Estes Mean Machine had the parts I needed including a nose cone reasonably close in proportions so I shortened the tube and built it. I of course cut new fins from a balsa sheet I got from Hobby Lobby. I painted it to match the illustration in the catalog which was a lot of painstaking intricate work. It looks good from a distance but the checkerboard needs a bit of touchup to look better up close.