MDRA ESL 228 July 22 - 23

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I have 3 or 4 heavy wall tubes from McMaster-Carr and other metal shippers that I am not going to use. Would anyone coming to the launch this weekend like them (no charge)?
Even thought he weather cut both days short this weekend I think we had a lot of great flights and everyone got a chance to fly what they wanted to fly.

I want to thank everyone who helped set up and tear down. It's not a lot of work (especially when there are many involved) but when the temps are 90+ with high humidity it takes a lot out of you quickly.

Here's looking forward to more moderate temps next month, Scott
It was a good launch. I had a few good things and a few bad things happen.

The Good
  • Successfully fly my first EX motor, a 1128J361 Red.
  • Flew my first Loki motor (L1484). It was a really awesome experience.
  • Flew and recovered both my 4in patriot and the 10in Bullpup successfully.
  • The transport rack worked wonderfully.
  • We figured out just how many big rockets we can do in a day. I brought 4 out and I got 2 up. I think we could have got 3 up if the storms did not hit. We can maybe get 4 if everything went perfect.

The Bad
  • Had MAJOR trouble getting quickburst igniters to light on using the MDRA system. The system had continuity but it wouldn't go. John had to mash the button down for about 12 seconds finally. I borrowed a Frankum Performance igniter from John for the bullpup flight and it lit within 2 seconds, so I will probably be switching over.
  • My 4in patriot hit Dr. Zooch's car and blew out a window...:facepalm: The ARRD released at apogee for reasons unknown. I did a pull test during prep where I pull as hard as I can and it didn't let loose. My Stratologger recorded a it had fired the main at the right time. The rocket drift was so weird. The nose was in the air a shorter time and drifted about 70 yards further into the range. The main body and chute did a "drift into the range and then drift back into the flight line" dance 4 times. I have a conversation going with Fred to figure out just why it released early and what I can do to mitigate the risk.
  • The bullpup fired it's main at apogee. I strongly suspected I wired the charges the wrong way when the drogue compartment blew at 500'. The Av-Bay was a 3in bay that slid inside a 3in tube in the 10in coupler tube. I had marked the Av-Bay top and had wired the charges correctly according to that "top". But, when I slide the bay into the payload coupler the coupler was upside down so even though that was on "top" when I slid it in it was on the bottom in the drogue compartment when I mounted the coupler. It recovered fine, but this annoys me. I didn't realize it when I ground tested because I had the leads run out the side to a normal launch controller. So, now I am making sure that I ground test with the altimeters firing the charges.
  • We didn't get the pop-up canopies down before the wind front hit and I have 4 broken struts that need to be replaced.

IMG_8355.jpg IMG_8356.jpg

Here's the bullpup on the pad. 60 lbs fully loaded. Boost was beautiful, straight and true. Total altitude was 2,673 ft. which was within 100' of the simulation.

It decided to drape itself across John Brown rd. Recovery was actually pretty easy.

This was the ill-fated flight that hit Dr. Zooch's car. As it cleared the rail it cocked about 10 degrees and flew north east. Total altitude was 2,932 ft.
The rocket transport rack was beautiful. Made transport of all the rockets so easy.
Too bad we didn't get Tom's rocket up before the storm. Still looks cool just standing there.