MDRA ESL 222 @ Higgs Farm Dec 17 & 18

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Scott S

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Aug 28, 2011
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MDRA returns to Higg's Farm for ESL 222 on Dec 17 & 18. Setup will start at 9:00 Saturday morning. Please park on the left side of the road and avoid all the stakes that have been laid out. Now that the crops are gone we are laying out the parking for LDRS and want to make sure everything will work as planned.

Thanks, Scott
Robert from AMW told me that there is going to be an MDRA launch in January, but it looks like it isn't on the schedule yet. Is there going to be a launch, and if so, have the dates been selected yet? It is quite the hike so it would be nice to know ahead of time.
Dates are as follows:

January 14 - 15
February 11 -12
March 11 -12
April is LDRS