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I may be going, but it depends on how cold it is. I may just go and RSO for awhile and just watch.
I still haven't finished any of the projects I thought I'd have done for RG7, but will probably go and burn some APCP if the weather isn't too bad.
Ill be there for one day as long as the weather doesnt act up
Can't make it.... will be visiting non-english-speaking-inlaws-with-only-3-channels-and-no-internet in Sweden during that time frame.

9 days of pure boredom. Ya'll have a good time now .. Hear?!?

Maggie and I will be there on Sunday ( gotta work Saturday:( ) weather permiting. Mod Roc and Mid power. Knocking around with doing my L1 recert but Maggie wants us to Cert/Recert together. Guess I can't complain, My wife's hooked :D .
yeah we aren't going to make it this weekend. We are supposed to have 6-9" of snow and be driving into more.

yeah we aren't going to make it this weekend. We are supposed to have 6-9" of snow and be driving into more.


Ben, you might want to recheck the forecast, I think you're under estimating. Our forecast is 3-5" tonight, 8-10" tomorrow, with more tomorrow night and Sunday morning. I heard your area near Richmond could see up to 20 inches.

If we get 12+ inches, we'll be lucky to get plowed out by Christmas.
Kids and I were all prepped but with the snow :mad: we are definitely not doing the 3-1/2 hour trip down..
As of right now we have around 8-10 inches in Baltimore and visibility at ground level is down to about 150 yards. I did go out shortly, about 5 miles. Took a half hour and Maggie slipped in the snow and whacked the &@#%^&( out of her knee. Sufice to say, we will be doing NO flying this weekend. Just checked the MDRA site and the launch has been OFICALLY canceled due to weather. :hohoho: See everyone in January.
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What a bunch of whimps... gee... there's only gale force winds and blizzard conditions... hurrrumph. I thought MDRA never cancelled. Well... maybe they didn't want anyone... ummmmm... GETTING KILLED trying to get to the field!

All kidding aside- I couldn't go anyhow- orders from a real doctor (leftovers from my bout with swine flu)

Anyhow :merry-christmas: to all of the folks who are in or near or just wanna be MDRA... the best rocketry club off the planet!!