MD Build Questions (Wildman Mach 2)


Nov 11, 2015
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New Brunswick, Canada
I purchased a Wildman "Mach 2" kit on the BF sale last November. This kit is my first MD build. There are seemingly no instructions included so I have questions and concerns. Here they are..

* I normally use (and like) the AeroPack motor retainers. Which AeroPack retainer do I use on an MD build? I will be using CTI Pro54 motors and casings.

* What options are there to attach the kevlar shock cord on the aft end. It will have to be attached at least 23" up from the aft end so I can accommodate 6 grain CTI Pro54 motors (usually approx. 22.6" long). It will, of course, also need to be a secure attachment method.

* All my previous builds included "thru the wall" style fin mounting. This one has "surface" mount fins. Will they be secure? What techniques are there to secure them in place solidly.

Thank you in advance...


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Jan 17, 2009
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Savannah Ga
Read this, instructions on how to build Mach-2.

I bought 2 of them for converting to 2-stage. Fins go on same, I just added a 38mm motor mount to top stage.
Yes they will stay on,if done like recommended.
For bottom I use friction fit to hold motor in and glue eyebolt into ejection well [after removing BP ]
Touch hole is tapered, straighten it out by hand twisting a 3/16 bit then self tap 1/4in. eyebolt and fill well with glue.
Recovery attach post solved.

When doing minimum diam. you must think outside the box. Many times you are doing something no one else you are on your own to figure it out.
You cannot use a normal motor retainer will be substantially larger OD than the rocket, kinda defeats the whole purpose of a high performance MD rocket. You can glue one on the back, but it looks silly. Time to learn friction fitting with masking tape.


Another clumsy option is to glue a bulk plate on a slice of coupler also glued into airframe with eyebolt to attach recovery gear. You may have room if you never wish to fly 6xl or L-1000 motors.


Hope this helps. I'm sure there will be some other recommendations coming.
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