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Jan 18, 2009
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Well since there is a space I'll be happy to use it to show off the finished line of MMWW micro rockets that are just about all available as a one page plan as a FREE download to everyone over on the Micro Maxx Rockets Yahoo group.

I'll start at the beginning 1999 and work my way all the way through this year. Some are Scale, some are Sport, some are competition, lots are Odd-Rocs, many are classics.

MM 208a1-sm_49.7147 Dauphin Da-003_08-07-97.jpg

MM 211a3_Nike-Tomahawk 2pic(300dpi) _05-13-99.jpg

MM 212a2_MM Delti BG Glider(5.7g)_08-07-99.JPG

MM 213a3_MM Nomad RG Glider (3.3g)_11-12-99.JPG

MM 208a2_49.7147 Dauphin_on pad.jpg

MM 209a1_30,3308  Nike-Smoke_11-04-97.jpg

MM 209a2_30.3308  Nike-Smoke_11-04-97.jpg

MM 209a3_30.3308 Nike-Smoke_11-04-97.jpg

MM 210a_36.8715 Nike-Asp NN8-65F_08-25-02.jpg
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Next 8 rockets are 1/8A competition models. By the end of 2001 MMWW had created at least one Competition rocket for each NAR event except Payload and Eggloft.
Starting with 1/8thA Flex Wing Gliders. All my Micro Rockets are Scratch Built using mostly "Totally Tubular" T2, T2+ T3, T4 & T5 craft tubing Balsa or Basswood home turned Nose Cones and Transitions with all kinds of materials as fin stock. Light 60 & 110lb Card-stock, .005", .010" & .015" Wafer Glass (very thin G10). 1/64th & 3/64th 3-ply plywood, .020", 1/32" & 1/16" Balsa. 1/32" Basswood as Fin Stock. Shock lines are 70 - 90lb Kevlar in 30-36" lengths. Recovery for most micros is done by 1/4" to 3/4" Wadding/Streamers of Military grade Teflon tape.
Most of the competative PD & SD rocket Bodies are Tracing Vellum.
As time went along I started using some of Fliskit's outstanding turned nosecones & transitions mostly in T3 (.375") diameter.

MM 214a1-sm_8thA 4.5in Flex-Wing-Glider_09-08-99.jpg

Mylar & .020in Flex-wings-a_3, 4, 4.5, 5,5, 6, 8, 10in Flex-wings_08-25-17.jpg

MM 215a1a-sm_1st HD-HelicopterDur RotaRoc_11-03-99.jpg

MM 215b1a-sm_MM Free Hub HD-Natl Record_05-08-05.jpg

MM 216a4-sm_a-g Taper&Doubletaper PD's_8-30-04.jpg

MM 217e1-3_MM .448 x 6in 4.5g SD Rockets_08-30-17.JPG

MM 217f1-2_MM .448 x 7in 5.0g SD Rockets_08-30-17.JPG

MM 218a-sm_25cm-SuperRoc_10-20-99.jpg

MM 217a_Streamer Duration model_10-30-99.jpg
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Next up are a couple 1/8A Cluster Altitude competition rockets and our first 3X downscale of the Orbital transport, First Micro LED Illuminated Night Launch Rocket and my first two Plastic Model Conversions.

MM 219a1_2x8thA Clu-Alt Qualifier Model_02-05-05.jpg

MM 219b1b_MM 2x8thA Streamlined  4 pic pg_01-31-05.jpg

MM 220a1-sm_OrbitalTransport_11-12-99.jpg

MM 221a1-sm_NITE-2000_LEDS payloader_12-03-99.jpg

MM 222b_MM Paintball Lofter_07-06-04.jpg

MM 223a2_Lacrosse PMC_10-08-99.jpg

MM 224a1-sm_AeroBee-Hi 40th PMC_08-08-01.jpg

MM 219b2c_2x8thA cluster ready for flight_09-06-05.jpg

MM 222a_JellyBeanLofter_04-12-00.jpg
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Next came a 1:124.55 Scale Boeing Bomarc. A 4-motor BT-20 Down Scale of the Old Estes Ranger fitted with LED s for night flying. , another down-Scale Edmonds Glider the Ivee, and the last early competiton Micro "PCS"-rear eject Spot Lander, 3x Down Scale Laser-X, Down-Scale Cherokee-8thA, Down-Scale Ram-Jet, an all 60lb Card-stock , Ink-Jet printed Micro "The Point", and another Old favorite 3X down-scale Goblin.

MM 225a1-sm_124.55  Bomarc_07-16-01.jpg

MM 227a2_MM Ivee BG Glider (4.4g)_08-11-00.JPG

MM 230a-sm_Cherokee-8thA_08-29-00.jpg

MM 231a-sm_Ram-Jet_08-29-00.jpg

MM 226b2_Ranger cluster 2-Pic_09-13-03.jpg

MM 228a_PCS-SpotLander-08-18-00.jpg

MM 229a_Laser-X_08-21-00.jpg

MM 232a_ThePoint_09-15-00.jpg


  • MM 233a-sm_Goblin_ 09-15-00.jpg
    MM 233a-sm_Goblin_ 09-15-00.jpg
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Models 234 3x Down-Scale T4 Micro Der Red Max (4-fin) and Summer & Winter Camo Der Red Max- B & C with Diorama Launcher just for fun. These Der Red Max Rockets are modeled after the back page of the original kit instructions. Next a 3X Down-Scale Micro Mars Snooper, minimum diameter micro Nova Payloader, micro X-Ray Payloader, Micro Warp-II 2 Stage, Hercules 2-Stage, & First attempt at a T4 Sky-Dart Glider, I would later add a 10.5mm and 13mm booster to these Heavy Gliders.
The 2-Stagers do in fact stage, before Quest intoduced the MMX-II-NE, I crated my own boosters by carefully removing the ejection charge.

MM 234a-sm_DerRedMax-4fin_09-15-00.jpg

MM 234b_& c_Der Red Camo Max's_03-03-04.jpg

MM 234b5a05_MM DerRedMax sum-camo on pad(128dpi)_07-15-06.jpg

MM 235a_Mars Snooper_12-13-00.jpg

MM 236a_Nova Payloader_12-13-00.jpg

MM 237a_X-Ray_Payloader_12-15-00.jpg

MM 238a_Warp-II_2-Stage_12-13-00.jpg

MM 239a_Hercules_2-Stage_12-13-00.jpg

MM 240a2_SkyDart-Glider-12-13-00.jpg
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I soon discovered no matter how light I attempted to make these T4 (.448") diameter SkyDarts they were still to heavy to fly well on a single Micro Maxx motor.
I solved this problem by designing two different Boosters. One a 10.5mm A2-0, and Second a 13mm booster to fly on A10-0's. Both give these Micro SkyDarts plenty of altitude and glide time. Next MM 241 a Night flying Odd-Roc "Assateague Litehouse", then MM 242 Micro Frosty the Snowman. MM 243 is a 3x Down Scale Explorer Aquarius. The hardest part was hand carving the Nose section. MM 244 has to be one of my personal favorites a 4x downscale Interceptor & display booster
this minimum diameter T2+ rocket flies Great on MMX-1 or MMX-II motors. MM 245 also a minimum diameter Starship Vega. MM 246: T2+ Deep Space Transport. This model using a Basswood Turned Honest John Nosecone & T2 size mock boosters.
More finished Micro Rockets later

MM 240a3_T4 SkyDart & T4 Booster_09-07-06.jpg

MM 240b1_Booster Staged13-6mm MM Skydart_09-06-06.jpg

MM 241Lp02_AssateagueLiteHouse 2pic_09-13-03.jpg

MM 242a_Snowman 7mm_12-15-00.jpg

MM 243a3_Explorer Aquarius & flight 2 pic_12-22-00.jpg

MM 244a2_Interceptor & Stand RR_11-26-01.jpg

MM 245a1_Starship VEGA_11-27-01.jpg

MM 246a1_Deep Space Transport_09-04-01.jpg
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Thanks for posting these. Great stuff. I dare say that you might have the largest fleet that fits in the smallest amount of space. :)

For a subset of the images you posted the full-sized images won't come up (a problem I've had with a lot of your older posted pictures; I have no idea what the problem might be). In the last post, for instance, the Explorer Aquarius and the Interceptor won't come up. The view counts for those two are at zero (based on the tooltip that pops up when you rest the cursor on the thumbnails), so I might not be the only one having the problem.
Thanks for posting these. Great stuff. I dare say that you might have the largest fleet that fits in the smallest amount of space. :)

For a subset of the images you posted the full-sized images won't come up (a problem I've had with a lot of your older posted pictures; I have no idea what the problem might be). In the last post, for instance, the Explorer Aquarius and the Interceptor won't come up. The view counts for those two are at zero (based on the tooltip that pops up when you rest the cursor on the thumbnails), so I might not be the only one having the problem.

Yes Neil: When we started posting photo's on TRF-1 we had to keep them below 100kb each. I've known about this problem for awhile but with all the pics in my files it's hard to spend the time to correct them all. I've taken the last 4 days to resize all my Micro-Maxx static photos. All the 0 view pics have been replaced in the posts above and we shouldn't have this problem again in static micro maxx photo' any way. I'll keep working on resizing all pics in my photo library but that will take some time.

Lets see we left off with MM 247 an Odd-Roc "Bottle Rocket", MM 248 is a 2-motor cluster Odd-Roc of the same general type. MM 249 is the first in a series of 1:200 scale PMCs from the "Man in Space" collection the tiny Mercury-Redstone. MM 250 is a Mercury-Atlas, and MM 251 is the Gemini-Titan. MM 252 is a 1:130th X-15 PMC that won 4th place at Naram-46. MM 253 is a 1: 119 scale V-2, MM 254 is a 1:72nd PMC of the Bell-X1, Last in this set is the 1:200 LEM PMC.

MM 247a1_Strawberry Bottle Odd-Roc_11-03-01.jpg

MM 248a1_Scope Bottle Odd-Roc_11-30-01.jpg

MM 249a1_MM Merc-Redstone_200 PMC_11-29-01.jpg

MM 250a1_MM Merc-Atlas_200 PMC_12-22-01.jpg

MM 251a1_MM Gemini-Titan_200 PMC_12-22-01.jpg

MM 252a2_ X-15 130th PMC Slant_12-21-01.jpg

MM 253a_V-2_119.4853 Scale_12-29-01.jpg

MM 254a1_MM Bell  X-1 72th PMC_12-19-01.jpg

MM 255a1_MM LEM_200th PMC_01-09-02.jpg
MM 256 is another Odd-Roc Christmas theme micro is the "Crystal Icicle". MM 257 an Old Pratt Hobbies D-Region Tomahawk. MM 258a-g is one of my favorite Demo Micro Rockets Art Applewhite "Bic Pen" Odd-Roc which I altered to include a recovery streamer. MM 259 is another of the Applewhite micro collection an all cardstock 3in UFO. MM 260 is a 1" Odd-Roc Sputnik. MM 261is a micro 3fin Gyroc helicopter recovery micro. MM 261 is a 1:18.667 Scale AIM-120 Amraam. MM 262 is another 1:42.7 Scale AQM-37a Jayhawk by ASP. MM 263 is the last Odd-Roc in this group a Halloween theme "Pumpkin S.tack"

MM 256a1_Icicle Oddroc_01-01-00.jpg

MM 257a1_D-RegionTomahawk_PrattHobbies_01-13-01.jpg

MM 258a2_to g1_7 Micro Bic Pens group pic_03-14-06.jpg

MM 259a1_3in FlagFlyingSaucer-Oddroc_06-22-02.jpg

MM 260a_1in Sputnik SemiScale Oddroc_07-04-02.jpg

MM 261a_Gyroc Tri-Fin_07-29-02.jpg

MM 262a_Amraam AIM-120a (18,6667)_08-25-02.jpg

MM 263a_42.70 Jayhawk AQM-37a(ASP)_08-25-02.jpg

MM 264a_Pumpkin Stack Odd-roc_08-16-02.jpg
Next up MM 265a & B are a couple All Card Stock Micro powered Mono Copters which make Outstanding Demo flights from a special 2" long .049" dia Launch rod.
Next is a all Card Stock 5.25" Christmas Tree with stand really makes a wonderful holiday Centerpiece and December Odd-Roc launch fun. Like wise MM 267 another Christmas theme Odd-Roc Candle Stick w. Holder always gets attention on the field or the table:). MM 268 back to classic down scales a 3x downscale of the Alien Space Probe. MM 269 is a 1:144th scale LEM from a 3-D12 Clustered 1:144 scale Saturn-V PMC. this LEM like the 200th scale sports a clear .020" lexan disc drag fin for stable flights to about 40feet. MM 270a & b are Micro Tri-ny FO saucers model a being 1/32" basswood while b is all 110lb card stock. Both get about the same 25feet flights. MM 271 is another "Sky-Writing" Odd-Roc full scale Pencil. No there is nothing from a real pencil about it, it's all T2+, Basswood nose and a little metallic vinyl. MM 272a-h is my "Sky-Writing" full scale Box of Crayons including the custom made box. Each individual crayon can fly on it own or in two 4 rocket clusters from a Launcher Box shaped like the storage box just a 1/2" deeper. MM 273 is another 3x down-scale of a favorite Centuri rocket the ESS Raven. This Raven like the original has lots of card stock parts. MM 274 is my Micro Bertha. I never had a big Bertha back in the day so this a my micro 3x downscale. Last on this page is MM 275 a Micro True Scale model I just had to do, Spaceship ONE. With a lot of Nose weight it still flies really well, So well in fact I've had to replace the Nose cone twice now do to snapped 70lb kevlar shock lines. but it really does fly beautifully.

MM 266c_& MM 267 ChristmasTheme-OddRocs_12-13-02.jpg

MM 268a_Alien Space Probe_12-05-02.jpg

MM 269a_MM LEM 144th Scale PMC_04-16-03.jpg

MM 270a_Tri-ny FO saucer_04-26-03.jpg

MM 271a_Pencil Odd-Roc(full scale)_05-18-03.jpg

MM 272a30d_Crayon const Pic Pg-4_06-06-03.jpg

MM 273a1_ESS Raven top&Bottom_06-24-03.jpg

MM 274a_Micro Bertha_06-25-03.jpg

MM 275a2_SpaceShipOne_2 Pic Competed _07-17-03.jpg

MM 265a_Mark-3 Mono Copters a&b_10-06-02.jpg
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Continuing in True Scale mode MM 276 a 1:26.8149 Scale AGM-12b Bullpup. Then it was time to do a little experimenting to determine the optimum Body tube size to Scale Micros. MM 277, MM 278 & MM 279 are all True Scale Nike-Smokes (56.7186, 44.0, & 36.8715 scales). As it turns out MM 278 had the best Detail to performance from this point on Most of my Micro Scale projects are in this Scale based on T3 (.375") stock tubing. Next MM 280 is a 36.8715 Scale Nike-Apache. Then a 10.0559 Scale T4 Arcas. MM 282 is a minimum diameter T2+ (.281") 23.1316 Asp. MM 283 is a Late issue Quest Critical Mass LPB RTF rocket that actually flies pretty well. MM 284 Another Late Quest LPB of the Little Joe-II, which need a little reworking after I crushed it in my van door after it's first wobbly flight.

I skipped over the first 8 original Quest LPB's (Little Plastic Bricks) since they are not part of McCoy's Micro Wonder Works other then being the inspiration that started it all. MM 283 & MM 284 are included here only as place holders in my fleet numbering system.

MM 276a1_AGM-12b Bullpup_ 26.9149_02-10-04.jpg

MM 277a_Nike-Smoke 56,7186_02-21-04.jpg

MM 278a_Nike-Smoke 44,0_02-21-04.jpg

MM 279a_Nike-Smoke 36,8715_02-21-04.jpg

MM 280a_Nike-Apache 36,8715_02-21-04.jpg

MM 281a_Arcas 10.0559 Scale_02-22-04.jpg

MM 282a_Asp 23.1316 Scale_02-22-04.jpg

MM 283a_MM Critical Mass Quest RTF_03-26-03.jpg

MM 284c_MM Quest LPB Little Joe-II reworked_08-28-07.jpg
Next Up MM 285 was an experiment to see how long a Micro Maxx rocket I could get to fly. I call it the ELE_1(Extreme Length Experiment Superroc) Consisting of 2 34" lengths of T2+ tubing & one T2 tube the overall length of this rocket is 103", with balsa Nosecone, .010" waferglass fins, 6 ft of 70lb kevlar shock line and 1/2" x 6" teflon tape Wadding streamer the completed rocket lift off weight was 18. 5g. Launching the beast required standing at the launcher for vertical support until the countdown reached T-1, flight altitude reached a decent 25feet and the rocket Back-slide glides very well, reaching about 100yds from the launcher :). MM 286 a 144th Scale PMC F-104G, MM 287 a 144th PMC F16XL, MM 288 are Micro Powered Parasol's, another sort of Odd-Roc recovery anyway. MM 289a, is a Micro Flyin Jenny BG. while MM 289b - is the Red Baron Bi-wing BG. MM 290 a 1:142.4387 Scale Scout-B, and last for this post a pair of Fuzzy Dice (another Art Applewhite Qubit) I altered quite a bit. The Dice do not fly connected gather fly individually on MMX-1 or MMX-II motors.

MM 285Lp02_ELE-1ExtremeSuperroc2pic103inprelaunch_07-20-02.jpg

MM 286a6_F104g After decal 4pic Pg_07-20-04.jpg

MM 287a3_F16XL 2-pic144thPMC complete_10-16-03.jpg

MM 288a_Micro Powered Parasol's a & b_12-10-03.jpg

MM 289A-p01a_Micro Flyin Jenny_12-11-03.jpg

MM 289B-p01b_T3 Red Baron Flying Jenny Bi-Wing BG_08-13-14.JPG

MM 290a_Scout-B 142.43875scale_02-26-04.jpg

MM 291p3_Fuzzy Dice 2 pic pg_03-20-04.jpg
Continuing with Art Applywhite "Qubit" Card-stock saucers MM 292 is the Scimitar Qubit, MM 293 it the "Stealth Qubit". Both are fine & funny little flying gizmos. One of Estes Standard kits that makes a wonderful Micro Maxx rear ejection recovery rocket is the Mosquito. MM294a-d are four of these fun little kits I've been flying since 2004. Looking for an easy to build glider I tried MM 295 that I named the "Bumble Flee" a fairly large glider that has never really separated well in the field. Glides like all gee wiz but can't seem to get beyond the booster/streamer causing lots of "Red Baron" flights. MM 296 is a 3X down-scale of the 70's Centuri Vulcan card-stock rocket. this little jewel flies as well as it's full size original. Last rocket for this post is a 2.17 down-scale of Estes Astron Sprint (streamer duration) models. This T4 (.448") dia. model Jumps off the pad with it's Micro Pop Lug getting very high flights over 220feet. The Oval fins and tapered conical boattail make this model a very interesting rocket to build and fly.

MM 292p1_Scimitar Qubit paper UFO(Applewhite)_03-20-04.jpg

MM 293p1_Stealth Qubit UfO(Applewhite)_03-20-04.jpg

MM 294_a&b 2 Mosquito's rear streamer_03-30-04.jpg

MM 294a-Lp08b_Mosquito-a After recovery_06-16-07.JPG

MM 294c_Mosquito rearEject MMX X-Metal Red_03-14-14.JPG

MM 294d_MM Mosquito Rear EjectPod_04-14-15.JPG

MM 296a1_Micro Vulcan (Centuri) Clone_08-16-04.jpg

MM 297a_Micro Astron SPRINT SD_10-08-04.jpg

MM 295a3_Bumble Flee 2pic_08-16-04.jpg
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MM 298 is the only Goonie Micro I've created "Micro Missile Toe" just seem appropriate. This Little Odd-Roc was a favorite of mine from back in the day just had to down-scale it for Micro motors. MM 299 is another favorite from the good old days and the Glider I got my first qualified flight in competition. the Micro Scissor Wing Transport was indeed a challenge to build but worked out fairly well. As a Glider our micro version doesn't have the glide time of the larger original but is enough to make it worth building and flying. MM 300 is one of my prouder moments. Robert Edmonds of Edmonds Aerospace engineers is a valued club member and has always had lots of neat and Unusual gliders presented. I believe it was in 2003 that the Ecee RG glider series was introduced, and I had to have all the different scales, 10.5mm, 13mm, 18mm and 24mm motor mounts were how that were sized. I ask if He would be upset if I down-scaled it to Micro Maxx power and He was perfectly fine with it though he doubted it would be a very good micro glider. To everyone's surprise this small RG is a very good performer, frequently flown at
Scout & School demo's across the DMV. MM 301 is an example of a Lager (13") Slide wing RG that wasn't a success. While it boost OK to about 25feet it's glide times never were very good at all. Sometimes Smaller is better:). MM 302 is another adapted Down-Scale Odd-Roc from Peter Away the Micro Zvezdotchka ACM is my version of his bunny (Anti Carrot Missile). MM 303 is as one might guess the target of the Zvezdotchka ACM a Carrot Odd-Roc just for fun. MM 304 gets us back into down-scale mode with a 4.3x down-scale of the National Aerospace Plane. this little T4 size micro flys wonderfully to over 120feet recovering on a small 1/2" x 9" yellow teflon streamer/wadding. Last Model for this post MM 305 is our 3.5x down-scale of the "Blue Bird Zero" This T3 size rocket measures over 11.5" in length with a lift off mass of only 9.6g. As with all long thin rocket this model has a tendency to "back slide glide" trailing it's 3/4" x 18" red teflon wadding/streamer.

MM 298a_Micro Missile Toe_11-06-04.jpg

MM 299a_Scissor Wing Transport 3pic_11-21-04.jpg

MM 300a_Ecee 8thA RG(Edmonds)_11-06-04.jpg

MM 301p4_Slide Pod RG 13in 3pic pg_12-11-04.jpg

MM 302f_Zvezdotchka ACM 4 pic pg_02-21-05.jpg

MM 303p3_Carrot Odd-Roc 2pic pg_03-03-05.jpg

MM 304p1c_Micro NASP 2pic 185dpi_06-04-05.jpg

MM 305p1d_Micro BlueBird Zero 3 pic pg_06-04-05.jpg
MM 306 & 307 are real Moldie Oldies from the Golden age of rocketry. MM 306 is a T4 down-scale of Estes Kit K31 Star Blazer-1. MM 307 T4 down-scale of Estes Kit #0831 Star Blazer-II. MM 308 is my Tiniest Crayon, this minimum diameter x 2.3125" long rocket. Yes it's flown twice with a 1/4" x 10" yellow Wadding/Streamer recovery. The Next two are Odd-Rocs MM 309a Whirlygig and MM Whirlygig-b is a canted two motor cluster. These Whirlygigs spin-up and flutter down. MM 310a1 is an interesting Spin Ring Thing down-scales. MM 310a1 was my first attempt at this 8- 60deg. canted 1/32" basswood fin, two motor cluster which worked OK but seemed a bit on the heavy side so MM 301a2 used .005" Waferglass fins. MM-310b is a single motor with the same .005" waferglass canted fins. All three of these little rocket really boost very high, turn over and spin in pretty fast. CAUTION- These one or two motor Spin Ring Things should NEVER be Up-Scaled larger then 13mm motors as the rocket comes in just way to fast without some sort of additional recovery system. MM 311 is another Tiny rocket I named the "No-See EM" which is only 2.0" tall. This little 4 fined rocket is so quick I have yet to be able to get a clear lift-off shot of it.

MM 306_MM StarBlazer-I_T4DS(Kit K31)_06-30-05.jpg

MM 307_MM StarBlazer-II_T4DS(Kit 0831)_06-30-05.jpg

MM 308a1_TeenyWeeny Crayon 2.3125in_07-06-05.jpg

MM 309p1_MM Whirlygig-a Odd-Roc_07-14-05.jpg

MM 309p2_MM Whirlygig-b twin motor_07-15-06.jpg

MM 310a1a_Micro SpinRing Thing_07-23-05.jpg

MM 310a2a_MM SpinRing Thing 2-motor_07-30-05.jpg

MM 310b_MM SpinRing Thing 1-motor_07-28-05.jpg

MM 311p1_MM No-See Em - 2in tall_08-13-05.jpg
MM 312: My next 3X Up-scale is a Thumb Tack "spool" Odd-Roc. At just a little over 9/16" long & 1-3/16" diameter disc, this little rocket leaps off the pad. At motor ejection the Thumb Tack tumbles back down. I nearly lost it on the first flight so it hasn't flown since but it is often on display at Demo's.
MM 313 is another Micro Down-Scale Blast from the past: The Falcon Boost Glider. This 3x down-scale flies great and can be trimmed to make a 100ft circle with outstanding glide times.
MM 314 is a Micro Card-Stock conversion of the Eiffel Tower to a flying rocket with rear ejection and short streamer recovery.
MM 315 is a 3X down-scale of the Old "Constellation" payload model which I fly as a Night Launch rocket with 3- 1/4" x 1" Cyalume glow sticks in the payload section.
MM 316: Another 3X down-scale of the Viper-III. this is a large micro model with a BT-20 Body powered by a 3- motor cluster. Custom decals just for fun.
MM 317: This Classic down scale of the "Centuri" Taurus is also a 3 motor cluster after the first single motor flight didn't have quite enough power. A really nice flying rocket on 3- MMX-II's.
MM 318: This Down-Scale of the MPC Lunar Patrol 2-glider rocket was a fun build and a Hoot to fly.. As with the original back in the day this little down-scale flies and glides as well as the original with the gliders circling the booster all the way down.
MM 319: is a Micro Maxx power conversion of the Estes Quark using the same rear ejection pod as used on my Mosquitos.
MM 320: 3x down-scale of the Galileo Satellite. Can't recall who's original design this was but as a micro it really flies very nicely.

MM 312p1e_MM 3X ThumbTack Odd-roc 4pic pg_08-14-05.jpg

MM 313p1a_Falcon BG Model & motor streamer_08-27-05.jpg

MM 314_MM Eiffel Tower_06-01-06.jpg

MM 315p4_Constellation_07-10-06.jpg

MM 316p10d_Viper-III Paint&decals 3side_07-07-06.jpg

MM 317p06_Micro Taurus_07-13-06.jpg

MM 318p10_Lunar Patrol 2-Glider_07-29-06.jpg

MM 319p03_Quark MicroPower 2 pic_08-12-06.jpg

MM 320p01b_MM Galileo Satellite_09-08-06.jpg
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MM 321: Another Classic down-scale; MM Trident-T3 is a fairly large Micro Model but flies pretty well on a single MMX-II.
MM 322: A MM Wee Wacky Wiggler: really works like the Estes original.
MM 323: One of my favorite Halloween Odd-Rocs. Spooknik- Flying Ghost. It's a 1" styrofoam sputnik with a muslin stiffened cover.
MM 324a: MM Tasmanian Devil scale Rotor Helicopter.
MM 324b: MM Tasmanian Devil Short Rotor Helicopter.
MM 325: Micro Maple Seed 2-part Helicopter recovery.
MM 326: Micro Yellow Jacket a 2.6 Down-Scale. A great flying micro T3 model.
MM 327: Micro 2.6 down-scale 2-piece Helicopter. KEWL flying Model but very hard to find in grass other the mowed.
MM 328: A FlisKit micro canted cluster " the Diminutive Deuce". I can't say enough about the quality of Fliskits "Micro to the Maxx" kits. Over the last couple years I've purchased a number of Jim Flis designs for both sport and competitions flying. Each and every one is exceptional in concept and 1st rate materials throughout. I can't recommend Fliskits any higher! If you're looking to start a great collection of Micro Models I'd strongly recommend his Line of Micro Maxx powered kits. Parts and a source for Micro-Maxx motors.

321a01_MM Trident-T3_09-13-06.jpg

322a02c_MM WeeWackyWiggler 3pic_09-23-06.jpg

323g3-sm_MM Flyin Ghost Compete_10-05-06.jpg

324a01-sm_MM Tasmanian Devil HD complete_10-29-06.jpg

326a_Micro Yellow Jacket_11-17-06.jpg

327a-sm_Micro Flutter-By 2.6x downscale_03-18-07.jpg

328a-sm_MM Diminutive Deuce (Fliskit)_03-22-07.jpg

MM 324b01_MM Tasmanian Devil HD(Short Rotor)_11-10-06.jpg

MM 325a_Micro Maple Seed_11-16-06.jpg
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MM 329 is another outstanding Fliskit "The TOG" It is really a fun build and great flying micro model.
MM 330: a 3x T3 down scale of one or Estes 1st Rockets the Scout. At this Scale it works just as well as the original and is just as difficult to follow on the way down. But like the original it is a "TRUE" Tumble recovery.
MM 331: is a Sandman wrap kit of the Little Joe-II. pretty crude capsule but flies pretty well.
MM 332: A free card-stock give away from Fliskits the Micro Midnight Express is a high flying all card-stock sport flyer.
MM 333: we're back to custom Odd-Rocs with my Micor K-Mart ChapStick creation.
MM 334: Spools seem to get a lot of attention on the range. MM 334a & MM334b are a couple 1.5" Micro powered spools that always get plenty of attention with their 40 foot flights.
MM 335: A friend from Eastern Europe down-scaled from my larger model plans a 44.70 Scale all Card-Stock NASA IRIS sounding rocket.
MM 336: A Standard BT-5 paper wrap down-scale of an Early Estes Alpha.

MM 329a_TOG (Fliskit)_04-04-07.jpg

MM 330a_Micro Scout-1 (T3) _05-18-07.jpg

MM 331a_MM Little Joe-II(Sandman)_05-20-07.jpg

MM 332a_Micro Midnight Express(Free Fliskit)_05-26-07.jpg

MM 333a_MM K-Mart ChapStick Odd-Roc_08-21-07.jpg

MM 334a1_MM 1.5in Spool DAZ! Lexan discOdd-Roc_08-31-07.jpg

MM 334a2_1.5in dia micro Spool Daz OddRoc_08-31-07.JPG

MM 335a1_MM Iris NASA 44.7046 Scale_09-01-07.jpg

MM 336a_MM Alpha (BT-5 paper wrap)_09-01-07.jpg
MM 337: A 1/180 scale PMC XB-70 Valkyrie in-line 6-motor Cluster. Lot's of fun converting this plastic model, not very impressive altitude (about 15ft) but was a Hoot to see fly!
MM 338: Last of the Down-Scaled "Maple Seed" Type Helicopter recovery rockets, Micro T3 Tornado. An outstanding very high flier, a little hard to track recovery alone, having two people highly recommended.
MM 339: Dwindled Dead Ringer: This T3 Disc Drag Fin rocket finished in Chrome Silver can't be touched with bare hands without ruining the finish, Soft cotton gloves are still required to prep, handle and load. Another color would have been a better choice but flying like a Bat off the pad.
MM 340: Another Great Fliskit: The Doo-Hickey is a Large T4 Micro powered great flying rocket.
MM 341: Fliskit Tiny Triskelion is as great looking a rocket as primary colors can produce, and flies wonderfully in winds under 10mph.
MM 342: This Fliskit needed a bit more power then the designed single MMX motor, I converted it to a 3 motor cluster with great results.
MM 343: Another BT-5 model Conversion "The 220 Swift" works well as a single MMX motor rear ejection model. getting perhaps 40feet flights.
MM 344: This Halloweenish Rocket is one of my favorite down-Scales. The Bat was a challenge to pull-off because of the White Decals which had to be procued on my Old Alps printer. Flies very nicely.
MM 345: this is a down-Scale of a 13mm Fliskit. I named it the Nano-Dot which is a minimum diameter .281" x 1-39/64" long tiny .8gram rocket. First run I made a dozen of these little card-stock finned, turned foam nose rockets. I have one left. With as many as 30 people watching at ignition this rocket teleports to who-knows-where never to be seen again. But fun to make and launch anyway.

MM 337h_XB-70 Valkyrie 180th Micro Cluster PMC_09-10-07.jpg

MM 338_Micro Tornado (T3)_10-02-07.jpg

MM 339_Dwindled Dead Ringer_09-30-07.jpg

MM 340_Doo-Hickey(Fliskit)_02-10-08.jpg

MM 341_Tiny Triskelion(Fliskit)_02-10-08.jpg

MM 342a2_MudWasp 3 motor Cluster Convert_06-01-12.JPG

MM 343a2_MM 220Swift closeup_03-30-08.jpg

MM 344_Micro Bat_06-20-08.jpg

MM 345_Nano-Dot_06-29-08.jpg
MM 346: Another blast from the past 3X Down-scale "Black Hole Space Probe". All those fins and rings Wow! but it flies fairly well anyway.
MM 347: "Atomic Delta Wing Bomber". This rocket is a model of a photo I found in a Popular Science Mag. from the mid 1950's. All custom turned basswood parts, wings and tail. Flies great on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 348: T5 Kc-8 Centuri Orion. This 3x down-scale was a challenge with all the small projects, corrugated wraps and external pods. Have to say I wasn't sure how well it would fly, I've been very pleased to report it gets very nice altitude recovering on a 3/4" x 12" red Teflon tape Wadding/Streamer.
MM 349: The Narhams LOGO Rocket was created to match our Section 139 patch rocket for NARAM 50 handout plan. At BT-5 it flies very well on a single motor.
MM 350: MM Courier is a T2+ min. diameter Down-Scale from the Golden age of rocketry. exceptional flier on MMX-1 or MMX-II motors.
MM 351: MM Drifter is a T3 version of another Golden Age of Rocketry Estes high flyer. Great flights on either MMX-1 or MMX-II motors.
MM 352: MM Javelin (3x down-scale of Centuri Kc-31) was either the first or second rocket I ever built back in the day, an outstanding flying Micro rocket.
MM 353: MM NASA Pegasus; a T3 down-scale single or 3-motor cluster micro model.
MM 354: MM Payloader-II: T3 down-scale of another Golden Age of rocketry model, it flies well and works very nicely as a night launch vehicle with both Glow-sticks and 5mm LED lighting. That's it for this post, more to come.

MM 346_BlackHole Space Probe_07-13-08.jpg

MM 347_Atomic DeltaWing Bomber_07-13-08.jpg

MM 348_MM Orion T5-Kc-8_07-14-08.jpg

MM 349_Narhams Logo Rocket 139_07-13-08.jpg

MM 350p01e_MM Courier (T2+)_10-23-08.jpg

MM 351p02_MM Drifter (T3)_09-09-08.jpg

MM 352p01d_MM Javelin (Kc-31) T3_10-23-08.jpg

MM 353p02_MM NASA Pegasus (T3) Cluster_09-11-08.jpg

MM 354p01d_MM Payloader-II (T3)_10-23-08.jpg
Wow, these are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I have done a few 13mm mini engine downscales, but have not ventured into MMX much yet, other than my first MMX kit, the FlisKits Mighty Saturn V. Will have to try some of these.

Has anyone ever micro-cloned the Colossus? That would be kind of funny, if not ironic.

Thanks Glen:
Still have about 75 more to post. COLOSSUS is on the "to build list" I've been trying to decide if it should be a 7x down-scale to T3(.375") or make it a BT-20 3.5x down-scale as a 4- motor Micro Cluster? Really like the Decals which I'll have to redraw (another reason it hasn't been built yet).

Lets see, where did I leave off?
MM 355: Micro Rain Maker: This 3X down-scale was a favorite flyer of my daughter. So the Paint Scheme is per her model. A larger diameter Micro BT-5 to T2 x 9" long it still gets good altitude on a single MMX-II.
MM 356: Micro Saros (K-54), This Classic Down-Scale is a T3 x 9" long rocket. Flies very well on a single MMX-I or MMX-II.
MM 357: Micro Screamer (TK-2) is a T2+(.281") minimum Diameter Version of one of Esters original trio of "Mini-Brutes" from the early 1970's when the first 13mm motors became available the other two being :"the Mosquito" & "Mini Bertha". At just over 4" long this little rockets really scoots off the pad to 280' or better flights.
MM 358: Micro Sentinel: This T3 Down-scale is also a great little flying machine on single MMX-II motors.
MM 359: Micro Zinger: Another of Daughter Kathleen's frequent fliers. This T3 down-scale was just for fun.
MM 360: Micro Thor-Agena-B: This 211.7899 Scale T4 model of the early Estes K-28 Scale rocket with .020" clear Lexan fins flies nicely on MMX-I or MMX-II motors.
MM 361: Micro Solar Flare: This T3 size Micro Looks pretty good but at 15.6grams does not fly very well on a single motor. Will try it at T2+ main body size to see of the rocket can be a little better flight performer.
MM 362: Micro Midget -2-stage: Oh Man is this a sweet flying little T3 to T4 body 2-Stage micro! Using the fairly new MMX-II-NE booster motor that still has a .85second delay is somewhat of a heart stopping delay this birdie really gets some great altitude on the upper stage. Very Impressive flights & good recovery visibility.
MM 363: Micro Big Honkin Rockets: These 3 rocket Fliskits are truly a HOOT to build and fly. Minimum T2+ diameter and a little over 3 inches long they really teleport off the pad at ignition. Good to have additional eyes on these little speedsters.

MM 355p01e_MM Rain Maker_10-24-08.jpg

MM 356p01b_MM Saros (T3) k-54_09-14-08.JPG

MM 357p01d_MM Screamer (TK-2) T2+_10-23-08.jpg

MM 358p04_MM Sentinel (T3)_09-16-08.jpg

MM 359p02_MM Zinger (T3)_09-18-08.jpg

MM 360p01b_MM Thor-Agena-B (T4) k-28 (211.7899)_09-17-08.JPG

MM 361p01f2_T-3 Micro Solar Flare_01-12-09.JPG

MM 362p01_MM T3-T4 Midget 2-Stage_03-30-10.jpg

MM 363p02a-c_MM 3 Big Honkin' Rockets(Fliskit)_03-30-10.jpg
MM 364: Micro Pee-Wee Payloader: This was a very interesting project for the NAR. Taking with the Contest rules Chairmen at NARAM-49 I was ask to design a Payload that could be used for 1/8A, 1/4A, 1/2A & A Payload Altitude competitions. It has to be something Not using Lead shot but had to be usable in all four motor classes. To that end I designed both a 3.5g payload and Pee-Wee Payloaders for all 4 motor classes. These were adopted as provisional events before NARAM-50. I haven't checked the "NEW PINK BOOK" National contest sporting code to see if these classes are still there but having closed this gap in our micro competition model line we are now only missing one. 1/8A egg-loft, which is still being worked on.
MM 365: Micro 3's A Charm: Fliskit 3 tiny glider "Micro Airshow" what a Hoot to build and fly! Have extra eyes to help with recovering all 4 pieces LOL!
MM 366: Another Fliskit Dead Ringer: This kit is also a fun flyer on single MMX-II motors.
MM 367: While The Stinger is a great little Fliskit it just begged to become a 3 motor cluster so I converted this rocket and it is now a teleporting triumph. Out of sight flights on a MMX-II and 2- MMX-II-NE in the outboards. Very KEWL flights.
MM 368: Micro T3 Wolverine: another down-scale that flies as good as it looks.
MM 369: Micro T3 Guardian: a Great flying down-scale of a more current Estes offering.
MM 370: Micro Cosmic Cluster: This 2, 4 or 6 motor cluster is a custom design use on a full size Kit Bash club project in 2010. The micro version flies as well as it's full size brother on any combination of 2, 4, or 6 MMX-II motors. (6 motors sends the 33.6g rocket out of sight).
MM 371: Micro T2++ Christmas Bell: is an all Card-Stock Christmas Odd-Roc that really flies well on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 372: Micro Airborne Surveillance Missile: This T3-T5 micro powered missile flies as good as it looks. very nice flights.

MM 364-a2-b_PeeWee Payloader.125A T2+(1-3.5g load)_10-13-09.JPG

MM 365p01_MM 3's A Charm 3 glider Micro AirShow(Fliskit)_03-30-10.jpg

MM 366p01_MM Dead Ringer(Fliskit)_03-30-10.jpg

MM 367b-p01_MM Stinger 3 Motor Cluster T3_05-03-10.JPG

MM 368-a_MM T3 Wolverine Side Decaled_05-08-10.jpg

MM 369-a_MM Guardian Decaled_05-08-10.jpg

MM 370_Cosmic Cluster (6 motor)_11-14-10.JPG

MM 371_T2++ Christmas Bell_11-28-10.jpg

MM 372_MM T3-T5 Airborne Surveillance Missile_04-17-11.jpg
MM 373: Micro Patrol Cruiser Excalibur (T5): A must have for all Space Pirate Fans. This T5 down-scale was a bit of a bear to get all those rivets on.
MM 374: Micro Dragon Ship-7 (T5): The other half of the Space Pirate fleet. both fly OK on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 375: Micro EAC Viper (T3): Down-scale of the "Estes Aerospace Club" rocket of the mid 1970's.
MM 376: Micro Hawk Missile: this ASP 1/50th scale kit is fairly accurate and leaps off the launch pad, Streamer recovery.
MM 377: Micro Honest John_M31A1 1/80th Scale (T3) The base kit is a Fliskit micro Scale project.
MM 378a: Micro Machine Screw,Nut & Washer Odd-Roc: This nearly all Polycarbonate creation using Disc (Washer) drag stability flies quite well in calm breezes.
MM 378b: Micro Stud, Nuts & Washers Odd-Roc: A fully threaded polycarbonate tube and Hard Foam nuts Odd-Roc. Same flying quality as 378a.
MM 379: Micro Dark Star T3: High flying down-scale of a popular HPR rocket.
MM 380: Micro Snarky: This T3 Down-scale of another popular HPR rocket flies very well on a single MMX-II

MM 373a_MM T5 Patrol Cruiser Excalibur_04-17-11.JPG

MM 374_MM T5 Dragon Ship-7_04-17-11.jpg

MM 375_MM eac VIPER (T3)_04-17-11.JPG

MM 376_MM Hawk Missile (50th Scale)(ASP)_05-14-11.jpg

MM 377_MM Honest John M31A1 1_80 Scale T3 (Fliskit)_04-28-11.JPG

MM 378-A_MM MachineScrew(Bolt),Nut&Washer Odd-Roc_05-17-11.jpg

MM 378-B_MM Stud, Nuts&Washer Odd-Roc_05-17-11.jpg

MM 379_MM DarkStar t3_05-17-11.JPG

MM 380p01a-Lg_Snarky Topleft (T3)_09-15-11.jpg
Nice! I would like to clone the Snarky, and some of the other new Shrockets, to 13mm mini engine size.
MM 381: ISM Grin Face "Frank-In-Space": Steam punked Fliskit micro model I've nearly lost in the weeds twice. flies very nicely on MMX-II motors.
MM 382: Another Fliskit I've modified the "Ulysses: is a great flying Micro.
MM 383: Fliskit "Buck Shot": Just begged to be Steam punked so that what we did, with all the add-on's it's still a fine little flying machine.
MM 384: 1:144th F-15A Eagle PMC: A really great flying 2 motor PMC Jet. does a nice little barrel roll on the way up.
MM 385: Micro Optima (T3): Had to Down-Scale this one from my Standard Fleet, it's a great fling rocket on a single MMX-II.
MM 386: Micro Phoenix (T3): I don't recall how I skipped over this Rocket. the Drawing was done very early on but got shuffled out of the build order. Nice flyer.
MM 387: !:144th X-15 makes my 6th X-15 in scales from 144th to 1:32nd. This and the 130th scale fly quite well on a single MMX-II.
MM 388: 1:144th F-14A Tomcat PMC: A Really fun twin motor, Variable wing conversion. Heavy but flies Ok on 2 MMX-II motors.
MM 389: 1:144th F-20 Tiger Shark PMC: Very small size made conversion somewhat difficult but the finished 3.78" long rocket Leaps off the pad with rear ejection pod streamer recovery.

MM 381p01a-Lg_ISM GF Frank-In-Space(Fliskit)_09-15-11.jpg

MM 382p01-Lg_Ulysses X-Metal Silv & Red(Fliskit)_09-15-11.jpg

MM 383p01_Buck Shot (SteamPunked-Fliskit)_10-10-11.jpg

MM 384a3_F-15A Eagle 144th PMC- Top&Bottom 2pic_02-17-12.JPG

MM 385a_MM Optima (T3)_02-28-12.JPG

MM 386a_Micro Phoenix (T3) 6.933 Scale_04-18-12.JPG

MM 387p01a_X-15d 144th PMC_04-24-12.JPG

MM 388p01d_F-14A Tomcat 144th PMC- 2-Pic_04-24-12.jpg

MM 389a3_F-20 TigerShark 144th PMC- 2-Pic_05-05-12.JPG
MM 390: F-1c Mirage 1:144th PMC: A bit of a bear to get an internal body tube in with motor stop, shock-line, nose section shoulder & 1/4" x 10" wadding/Streamer. This little 4" long jet flies OK on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 391: A couple all card-stock Pinwheels: these Art Applewhite folded card-stock spinning Saucers are a good micro demo for grade school groups.
MM 392: Sort of an Odd-Roc these all Tracing vellum Ping Pong Ball or Styrofoam Ball lofters are a Hoot in Open Ball Spot Landing Fun competitions.
MM 393: 1:144th X-35b Lighting 4.25" long PMC had to be Rear ejection due to lack of room for any other type recovery method. Very nice flying PMC on MMX-II motors.
MM 394: Clustered Lighted Christmas Holly Wreath: This Christmas theme Odd-Roc is a real Hoot with twin Canted MMX-II motors she spins Up and down and can be flown as a night launch rocket. Gets about 30feet altitude.
MM 395: Christmas Present Stack: Christmas Theme Odd-Roc using Boxed basswood fin arrangement flies quite well on a single Micro motor.
MM 396: Christmas Tree Ornament Balls: Christmas Theme Odd-Roc features Launch Lugs of the ornament attachment rings and Ball drag "fins" (need near Calm days to fly well) Weathercocks into even the slightest breeze.
MM 397: !:40th PMC Little John with working Launcher base: was done on a whim. and flies surprisingly well on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 398: Exocet MM-39 (36.5333 Scale): Anti-ship Missile. I was surprised at the difficulty getting good Scale data on this missile but this T3 Scale covers all the data I turned up.

MM 390_F-1c Mirage 144th PMC - Complete 2-Pic_08-24-13.jpg

MM 391_Pinwheel-a & Mirrored Pinwheel-b(Applewhite)_06-11-12.jpg

MM 392a_& b PingPong & Styro Ball landers_02-02-13.JPG

MM 393_X-35b Lighting (Topview)_08-23-13.JPG

MM 394_Christmas Holly Wreath Glittered (Lit)_12-01-13.JPG

MM 395_Christmas Present Stack_12-01-13.JPG

MM 396_Christmas Tree Ball Ornament Odd-Roc_12-13-13.JPG

MM 397b_Little John & Launcher Complete_01-13-14.JPG

MM 398_Exocet MM-39 36.5333 Scale (T3)_12-20-13.JPG
MM 399: Micro Wac Corporal (41.81495 Scale): Started as another ASP semi-scale kit, with a little work, getting this rocket to very near true scale was not that difficult.
MM 400: T4 to T4 2-Stage test Rocket: This early Test 2-Stage used two MMX-II motors before the MMX-II-NE motor were available.
MM 401: Steam Punked Macme Shrew: A Wonderful Fliskit Down-Scale, I Steam Punked the heck out of it just for fun. Flies well on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 402: Ducted Narhams Gold Anniversary rocket: A down-Scale version of Narhams 50th Anniversary Rocket. 2-Stage appearance but single stage decent performance. on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 403: Micro T3 Streak: Minimum Diamater Micro Rail Button Test rocket. Exceptional Flights from a 35" Maker Beam Micro Rail.
MM 404: Conestoga - 1620 EER: 1:106.6667 Scale model of the EER Satellite launch vehicle. Cluster motor can fly on 3, 4, 5, or 7 MMX motors A Hoot on 7 motors.
MM 405: Micro Geo-Sat HV: a 3x Down-scale of a favorite "Golden Age" Estes rocket, This Micro version is a 3 motor cluster with removable satellite so the payload compartment can be used with a micro altimeter.
MM 406: Micro Powered "Arrow": a Full Size .281: x 31.25" Arrow with real feather fletching. can also be flown as a 13" Bolt.
MM 407: Micro Astrobee-500: This 1:26.23 Scale Sounding rocket is on the heavy size but is a true scale model. Flies OK on single MMX-II motor

MM 399_Wac Corporal 41.81495 Scale (ASP)_02-16-14.JPG

MM 400_.448in dia x 8in MM 2-staging Tests_02-09.JPG

MM 401a_SteamPunk MACME Shrew accent left_03-18-14.JPG

MM 402_Ducted Narhams Gold 50th Ann. Rkt_03-18-14.JPG

MM 403_Micro T3 Streak(MicroRailButtonTest)_03-28-14.JPG

MM 404_Conestoga-1620 EER (106.6667)_09-06-14.JPG

MM 405_MM Geo-Sat HV Tri-Motor Cluster 3X DownScale_07-18-14.JPG

MM 406_Arrow (Full Size)_09-07-14.JPG

MM 407_Astrobee-500 (26.23)_09-09-14.JPG
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I thought I should mention that many of the PMC conversions are not available on the one page Plans over on the Micro Maxx Yahoo group. That said just about all of them have been documented in build threads here on TRF in the Micro Maxx Forum. As most are somewhat involved custom builds I'm happy to answer anyone's questions about the "How's" on any particular conversion. That said some may find alternate ways to achieve the same build results.
MM 408: SR-71A Black Bird: This Dragon 144th Scale PMC made a perfect size 3-Motor Cluster. Vary interesting flights.
MM 409: Bumper-Wac (V2): Another Long time wanted Scale Model made possible by 3D printing. This Fliskit is an excellent starting point scale model.
MM 410: F-22A Raptor: 144th Scale PMC: is a great little 2-motor cluster using intake streamer recovery. Gets good altitude on a pair of MMX-II Motors.
MM 411: TR-1A (U2): 144th Dragon PMC: The Wing Span & 21.5g mass gave me pause building this conversion but it does get about 12-15feet on a single MMX-II motor.
MM 412: X-29 Grumman 144th PMC: this fantastic "X-Plane" is as good a flier as it is good looking on the table. Mine is a wheels down conversion.
MM 413a: MIM-104 Patriot Missile PMC: A pretty expensive "Launch system" Kit, This little missile flies fine from a standard .049" x 9" launch rod.
MM 413b: MIM-104 Patriot Missile battery PMC Diorama: Making the Patriot Launch from it's stacked crate took a little doing but WOW What a KEWL working Launcher system that can be attached to any standard camera tripod. This entire build was documented in the Micro Maxx Forum.
MM 414a: Nanite Slide-Wing RG Glider: One of two built from the same Fliskit. Great little competition RG Gliders.
MM 414b: Nanite Slide-Wing RG Glider: Second Glider from Fliskit above.

MM 410:

MM 408_SR-71A BlackBird 144th Dragon PMC(30.12)_03-25-15.JPG

MM 409_Bumper-Wac (V2) 119.4853 Scale(FlisKit-16.95)_03-29-15.JPG

MM 410_F-22A Raptor 144th PMC(Trumpeter-01317)_03-29-15.JPG

MM 411_TR-1A (U2) 144th PMC(Dragon4640-19.99)_03-28-15.JPG

MM 412_X-29 Grumman 144th PMC_04-10-15.JPG

MM 413a2_MIM-104 Patriot Missile Stats_04-22-15.JPG

MM 413b_MIM-104 Patroit System Diorama & Cover_06-05-15.JPG

MM 414A_Nanite Slide-Wing RG Glider (red-yellow_2.6g)_09-07-15.JPG

MM 414B_Nanite Slide-Wing RG Glider(green-yellow_2.6g)_09-07-15.JPG