May 1st, 1st CMASS Launch?

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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
April 17th launch was canned.... and for some of us, an early morning 2-4 hour drive... 6 hour launch.... and 2-4 hour drive back home from the Cato or Cherryfield launch and is not very appealing... But relax... there is another CMASS launch in Amesbury on the 1st! Who plans to go? :-D
I will most likely be there, but it depends on how much work is waiting for me upon my return from Whitakers :)

I'll be there

Should have a couple of new " Pets" to unvail as well

haha Joel....LOL

I should be there...wanna see some good launches and I have a feeling I just might
Too bad for me. I've already got plans for the HamFest at Hopkington that weekend.
KB1LEL... KB1LEL... this is N3TJM calling ;)

Can you hit the Derry machine? 146.85?

Hamfest... rocket launch... hamfest... rocket launch...

tough call... I have been to many of both, but I have to say... the rocket launches are a lot more fun...

Oh, this reminds me, I have to renew my license this year! :cool:
Originally posted by n3tjm

tough call... I have been to many of both, but I have to say... the rocket launches are a lot more fun...

Now your killin' me. Your right about the fun but I got to get some gear and I f I go there and buy old boat anchors I'll have money left over for more rockets. So, you see I have to go, Its my responsibility, my duty. It's the right thing unless I take Friday off and do both!!?? :cool:

Oh yeah, I hit Radio Free Derry regularly. Drive time group stuff. How many megawatts is that thing anyway?
:cool: My wife used to work in the fire tower up there
Count me in! I just got two G80-4Ts, so I am gonna be flying my V2 again!!!!
Yep! Ill post pics of them in a few minutes... You have any of the new ones?

They have a yellow plastic tube on the forward end, with a red cap inside of that tube, and I assume the BPs in there. Its a MUCH better system than thier old paper cap design... No BP will be getting out of THERE, thats for sure!

The one problem was the adhesive they used was still a little sticky when I opend the bag...:(
Neil, can I make a trade with you... a new style G80 for a traditional G80?.

I wonder if they created a new set of molds, or used the molds originally created for the Estes/NCR Darkstar motors?
Well, I dont see why not, but whats the difference? I kind of like the new ones better...:D Why should I give one up? ;) :p If a few magnalites were added to the deal, it would aid in persuading me...:D ;)

If you want, I could just do a big shopping run for you (and any other CMASS members who might be interested)... The store I got them from still has 4 new-style G80-4Ts left, along with 3 3-paks of E18-4Ws, and a single pak of E18-4W reloads. If anyone wants any of those, give the word and I will get them on the way down, as long as you compensate me fairly:D ;) Just pay me for whatever the motors cost, or trade me some good ignitors (copperheads dont count as good ignitors in my book, so dont get any ideas ;) Magnalites or First Fires are my preffered ignitors... im just mentioning... ) or 18MM or 29MM reloads..:D Prices are as follows for the motors at our local hobby shop:

G80s: $18.95
E18 3-paks: $14.95 (or something like that... It might have been $12.95, I forget...)
E18 1-pak: $4.35

But if you have me buy them, no changing your mind!
Well, if you just want to play with one for a little while and give it back... ;)

Hows this sound?

Me give you: 1 new-style G80
You give me: 1 old-style G80, and a magnelite to get it moving:D If the motors too old, I dont trust the Copperhead to do its job too well...:( Plus I just like magnelites.:D
Easy to do, but not so easy to talk your parents into LETTING you do... Its on the list of "no way" items along with matchstick rockets, static testing motors and other similar items.:rolleyes:

Its pretty annoying...

So I just have to get them from Doug.:D
Doug, I'll be there. It should be very well attended. If the weather is good I expect 350+ flights.

Bob Krech
This just in.
It looks as if I'll be able to make it to CMASS #1 on next Saturday after all (at least in the afternoon). We will be leaving the ham-fest about noon and some frantic driving should get me to Amesbury in time to launch the 6 Million Dollar Duck. This is of course after goig to work at 0Dark30 hrs in the morning.

Anyway I hope to meet some TRF'ers there.
just realized I probably wont make it to this launch, I have to Take SAT IIs and there is a dance at school, Maybe I will show up for a little bit
OK. I will admit I am getting itchy for tomorrow! I won' t have my QModeling Vega ready but I have other rockets ready to fly!

Hey Ryan! Are you going? You promised to show me your Pro 38 cases!! I am going to attempt my level 1 next launch with my Lance Beta.

I know Doug will be there. Doooouuuuugggg the Maaaaaannnn.........Takinng picctuuuures!!

i plan on being there (schedule permitting...) My disk still has not been recovered so I seem to have lots of free time (comparatively speaking that is... :) )

Ill definetly coming... I will be selling chutes for most of the launch, but if I sell out/want to launch my own stuff, I will take breaks:D

How you YOU do it, jim?
No... I mean how do you launch rockets and sell stuff at the same time?:D
well, for most launches I have Kathy with me and she runs the range store. When I am at CMASS, the folks pretty much know that if i'm not at my bench, i'm out flying something and they usually want to see it to help them decide if they want to buy it (i usually only fly what I sell or will *be* selling, so it is simply good advertising)

huh... I wonder if I could get my dad to man the "shop" for a while while I fly....:D

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