MaxiAlpha3 - nailed a paint scheme for the decals

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Nov 5, 2011
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Yellow BT, black fins and NC is nothing new, but I nailed the paint scheme on this one !!!!

A free gift from BMHIII, the kit was beat up pretty badly, but hey, build 'em, fly 'em.

The instructions left a lot to be desired. The fin attachment should have included glue against the fin root and BT, and the decals are not for water application.

Whatever. I built it to take an "E". Sweet.

That thing turned out awesome!!! I'll be looking forward to a launch report using the E. As you know, mine was only set-up for a D motor and it was a beautiful flyer. (Was is the optimum word. Alas the plastic fins have bit the dust. Doing a rebuild w/ basswood fins and a 4x24 cluster!)

Be sure and let us know how it flys!!!

Originally posted by spacecowboy
The fin attachment should have included glue against the fin root and BT

Sounds like that might be a fairly important tip. What kind of glue did you use for the fin attachment (and fillets)? Got mine the other day, but I haven't started on it yet.

I agree - that's a great paint scheme!

when you open up your kit, and start to proceed with the "dry fit" before final assembly, you are going to immediately see what I am talking about. BTW, the fins are plastic, so there is no fillets, and the fins do have a nice root fitting protrusion. This is a VERY different bird from any Estes kit I ever built. And you really might want to consider, 1) glue on the fin roots, or 2) basswood fins (a kit bash). Looking back on the project, I could go with either idea, 1 or 2.

bmhiii used his for a 'hoss, and finally, the fins did collapse. A bit of glue, or basswood with fillets, and he wouldn't be gutting his.

Thx for the compliment on the paint scheme, guys!!!!

Can't wait to fly it (it SIMS out at 900+ on E9-6, 1500+ on an F21, that's funny!)
First: Great paint scheme! Looks cool!

Second: can you tell me the "length" of the two plastic "fin rings?" I'm talking about the lengths of the part of the rings that is the same diameter as the body tube.

Or - and this would accomplish the end goal of my original question - what is the overall length of the airframe from the aft end of the bottom fin ring thingy to the top of the airframe (or the shoulder of the nose cone)?

I have something in mind here............. ;)
Thanks, one paint scheme that turned out OK.

The upper plastic ring is exactly 1/2", the lower is slightly shorter. The whole bird BT is 22 1/8".

Getting a BT-60 and another coupler, sticking wood fins on it, I think that's where you're going, and I'd recommend it. The multi-section fin can is a tad unslightly, even after 2 layers of primer and 3 layers of paint.
Actually, I'm gonna clone a Colossus. It's basically a Maxi Alpha III with an additional 18" of airframe. That would put it at 40.125"

The plans for the Maxi Alpha III are on JimZ's - I'll just make the fins out of basswood and give it my best guesstimate on how far up from the bottom of the airframe to come with the yellow paint (based on ninfinger's catalog scan photos.) Tango Papa has the decals available.

Based on all of that information, it ought to turn out to be a few inches taller than my Optima - but relatively the same size. I've already got the 3 x 24mm BT80 centering rings.......

Thanks! :D
Fore Check,

I provided the pictures of the plastic fins and plastic rings to JimZ. Let me know if you want me to send you the pics and measurements.

... Bill