Maxi Brute X-Wing Fighter

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Oct 2, 2011
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Anyone remember the old Star Wars MAXI-Brute X-Wing Fighter Kit #1302 ?

I have one that I am hoping to find a good home for........ If you have one of your own that maybe needs a little work or parts.....
I have one that is not complete due to a plastic piece or two broken.

If you can maybe use it and give it a little TLC while you attempt to build it OR if you need it for parts....... Please let me know.
I got this old kit passed down from my friend w
ho passed down his collection to me....

I do not have the skill set to complete this model but I don't want to see it trashed....

I will be happy to send pictures of the kit....
Thank You
What is missing or broken? Might not be too hard to fab something up and get it flying....
The fuselage halves are missing and the nose cone is not complete. Also one of the round rings is broken..........

Saw this on FB great looking model. I'm the guy that wishes there were 3D files for this masterpiece that way some more could build and fly and not worry about not one-and-done flights.