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May 20, 2011
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I was dusting off my old Maxi Alpha 3 that I built about 20 yrs ago and dropped the nosecone. It shattered into about 50 parts. So, right now, I'm substituting the cone off my Pheonix in order to fly the Maxi.

After attempting to navigate the Estes website without much luck, I want to know if anyone here may know how I might aquire a new nosecone?

Call them! There should be a number on the website somewhere. The lady you talk to in customer service is very nice and she'll hook you up! In fact, if you want some extras, she'll sell them to you direct for a very fair price.
You want to call Estes at 800-525-7561 X216 is the parts department and talk to Christine.

If I remember correctly, the Maxi Alpha 3 used the PNC-80K nosecone. It is a standard in a number of Estes BT80 based kits. It can also be found at a number of online hobby shops and ebay.
You can definately call Estes and buy one over the phone. From what I undestand so many small manufacturers were using this cone to make kits to sell that Estes stopped making it available separately to help cut down on their competition. If you ask them to sell you more than a few they get a little wary. It makes sense I guess, but I would have just raised the cost on the nose cone and let folks buy as many as they want!