MAWD max g force?

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Jan 27, 2009
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I read somewhere that someone had a capacitor (I think) torn off a MAWD during a flight. Can't find that now. Does anyone know how many gees a MAWD can tolerate? I wanted to get one of the Featherweight altimeters but haven't gotten around to ordering yet and I am thinking I may fly on Sunday at Argonia. The winds are forecast to very low up to 15K. The two motors I have would generate 38 and 53 gees in the bird I want to fly. I would like to fly the smaller motor, at least, and maybe both if it's safe.

What is the max anyone has pushed a MAWD? (And survived!)

Ill have to ask my dad. We put a MAWD in a 30lb rocket with an N3200. Not sure how many Gs it pulled but the altimeter survived the shred and the capacitor stayed on. (it just cracked from hitting the ground)

Launch it :)

When I get a H999, it will put 220 G's on that rocket....ill defiantly be using my new Parrot with that flight :p

But when you really think about it, a harsh recovery can put even greater G forces on the rocket....
I dented the cap on a MAWD with a hard landing, and so had to replace it. The hardest part by far was removing the old cap from the board. It's glued on there pretty well. I have to believe that your battery setup would fail due to G forces before that cap would come loose.
70 g's

Take a look at my data for the first half second, I guess it was being launched underground. :p